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The Most Green Capital Islamabad – Pakistan Guide

Green Capital Islamabad

Islamabad, in comparison to other cities in the country, is a clean, large, and tranquil metropolis with plenty of greenery. The green capital city, Islamabad has a long history dating back to the first human settlements in Asia. The initial colonization of Aryans from Central Asia, ancient caravans moving across Central Asia, and the huge armies of Tamerlane and Alexander all occurred in this region.

Green Capital Islamabad

Following Pakistan’s creation in 1947, This Green Capital Islamabad was considered as a new and permanent Capital City required to reflect the variety of the Pakistani population. It was thought appropriate to put the new capital away from the commerce and commercial bustle of Karachi, yet conveniently accessible from the farthest reaches of the country.

The New Green Capital Islamabad

In 1958, a commission was established to select an appropriate location for the new Green Capital Islamabad, with a special emphasis on destination, weather patterns, logistic support and defense criteria, aesthetic appeal, and spectacular scenery and genuine elegance.

The Margalla Hills are located to the north of the green capital, Islamabad. The climate of this region is characterized by hot summers, monsoon rains, and chilly winters with limited snowfall in the highlands. Islamabad is also home to a diverse range of animals, including wild boars and leopards.

Because of the increased intensity of human activity, most natural forests have relocated and been replaced by supplementary shrubs, grasses, and fields. Agriculture is split into two seasons. Winter crops are planted in October and December and retrieved in March and April, whereas summer crops are planted in February and collected in October.

Key Characteristics of Islamabad

The key characteristics of Islamabad, Pakistan’s green capital, are calm, quiet, serene, and green. The main tourist attraction in Pakistan is its lush gardens and picturesque lakes, not the city itself, which is a modern concrete jungle of fast-flowing traffic, towering skyscrapers, and bustling people. The city is surrounded by the stunning, snow-capped mountains of the K2 region of Pakistan.

The landscape is a combination of lush greenery, rugged mountains, and deep valleys. The green capital, Islamabad has a tropical climate, as it is located at a higher altitude, and there are clear, sunny days. Its lush, green vegetation is a sight for the eyes. the city is located on the green belt that runs around Pakistan and has many parks and gardens in and around the city.

It is a city that embraces and supports new ideas while still recognizing and cherishing its traditional values and rich heritage. It is a Green Capital Islamabad metropolis that represents the goals and dreams of a young and energetic nation, as well as the values and codes of the generation that has taken it thus far. Islamabad is the throbbing heart of Pakistan today, echoing with the energy and vigor of a thriving, developing nation.

The projected capital territory of 350 square miles (906 square kilometers) is surrounded by natural hillsides and grasslands. Islamabad is known for its greenery, it is often referred to as the Green Capital Islamabad city of Pakistan. It offers a number of tourist attractions that are worth a visit.  For tourists, it is an ideal city for a short trip. It is a city with a vast green environment.  The city is rich in historical sites and monuments. 

And the attractions are varied.  the city is home to many green spaces, parks, public gardens, and many other natural attractions. Islamabad, the green capital has a vast green environment and so it attracts many tourists and visitors.  The city is known for its greenery. It is an ideal place for people who love nature and to visit the greenery. A city is a greener place than other cities in the country.

It is a city with a large tree cover.  It has a large number of parks which attract many tourists. The parks in the city are known for having beautiful landscapes and many attractive features. The parks in This green capital city are like a breath of fresh air.  It is a place where you can enjoy your holiday. A city is a good place for people looking for a green environment. 

It is also known for being pristine, pleasant, serene, tranquil, sparkly, sanitary, fragrant, and devoid of filth. It is Pakistan’s most populous and urbanized metropolis. This green capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is a fairly contemporary and well-maintained one that lies in the northern section of the nation, encapsulating the beauty of Pakistan’s northern territories. Islamabad is an efficient and reliable, well-ordered, well-planned, and well-maintained metropolis separated into many sections and districts, each of which has a special charm.

Green Capital Islamabad is a beautiful city to enjoy vacations and explore because of its lovely attractiveness, not only of architecture but also of green areas and parks, among other things. Keeping all of these respectable facts and data in mind, Islamabad has been named one of the top ten most attractive capital cities in the world.

Islamabad, the green capital of Pakistan, is a city with a green environment. When you come and visit it, you will be amazed by its greenery.  it is a city that is known for its green environment. Although its greenery has been observed to be polluted and partly destroyed by human activities, it is yet a place that has some greenery and some green areas as compared to other cities in Pakistan.

The Most Visited Places In The World

The green capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, is one of the most visited places in the world because of its alluring beauty. Because it is the major tourist spot it has largely contributed to the county’s economy. It is a city where nature has been preserved. It is a city where there are parks and greenery. Many tourists have been attracted by its greenery and nature. It is one of the most visited places in the world.

It is a city that is known for its natural beauty. Islamabad is endowed with natural beauty and topography, unique culture, amazing handicrafts, opulent food, and magnificent music that must be shared with the rest of the globe. For this purpose, this green capital city of Pakistan hosts a three-day exhibition every year called the “Islamabad Tourism Festival”.

Contribute Being The Green Capital

Islamabad is the world’s second most magnificent capital, built in a distinctive and environmentally sustainable style. This city has a lot to contribute being the Green Capital Islamabad, including a beautiful outlook, a tranquil atmosphere, well-developed transportation infrastructure, safe and clean roadways, and incredibly great inhabitants.

Therefore, Islamabad is declared as the clean green capital city of Pakistan, a luxurious place with wondrous scenery and clean green lands and meadows that allure the eyes of the spectators. All of these characteristics make it an ideal place to visit. 

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