Multan, the city of saints, is understood for its Sufi shrines, made culture, friendly folks, and lip-smacking native cooking. During this diary, we tend to bring you a crisp, nevertheless informative list of the Best Restaurants in Multan. that is famed among the plenty for their delicious dishes. What is the famous dish of Multan?

It’s a stunning place for each dinner and pleasure because it offers delicious dinner with live music. The setting is immaculate and safe. It is well adorned, and lots of spots are gifted within. Food is delicious and is served with sweet love and serving etiquettes. Let’s have a look at some of the best restaurants in Multan. What are the best restaurants in Multan that deliver?

Shangrilla Chinese

If you’re an addict to continental cuisines, Shangrilla Chinese is a good place for you to be. Search the restaurants near my location for the best foods. The site is one of the oldest and most famed Chinese restaurants in Multan. The ambiance of the place is excellent, and also the client service is on purpose. The place additionally contains an automobile parking space.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about your vehicle. Because of science and technology, you’ll be able to currently verify and register your cars from the comfort of their homes. Check out the way to demonstrate your vehicle online. When you are at the Shangrilla Chinese building, you wish to do their famed dishes like unique dishes, hot and bitter soup, and kung pao chicken. For Chinese lovers, Shangrilla restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Multan.

Bundu Khan Restaurant 

The best place on our list is the Bundu Khan building. It’s one of the foremost famed restaurants placed at the prime location of Multan city. The building has an enclosed seat in addition to an outside center. The whole place is well lit and is adorned with ancient furnishings items. 

The place prepares ancient and authentic desi cuisines and sweet and savory dishes. Except for the a la card menu, the place additionally offers regular buffets that are pleasant-tasting and highly lightweight on the pocket. Some building specialties embrace Zafrani Mutton Leg with Almond Masala, Chicken boned Handi, and Mutton Tawa Chops.

If you do not need to depart the house because of the continuing pandemic, don’t worry. The restaurant additionally has its online food delivery, which will deliver piping hot dishes at the doorstep. If you’re going to travel to Multan, don’t worry about staying here any longer because there are the best restaurants in Multan, best-known for the top-class services.

X2 restaurant

X2 in Multan provides modern dishes to the plenty. X2 pan Asian eating and restaurant X2 are newly established building and café in Multan. This building is found at 25-A Gulgasht colony Multan. The interior of the building is with a touch of luxury and the latest ornament. The atmosphere of the place is also terribly soothing and peaceful. X2 building Multan provides each Asian and continental food. This place offers differing types of appetizers and starters in addition. 

Apart from the regular menu, the building offers hi-tea and buffets. Currently, they’re providing lunch and dinner buffets to their customers that embrace plenty of dishes. Moreover, it’s also the best place for looking for a pocket-friendly restaurant in Multan.

London courtyard

London courtyard may be a casual vogue building, providing moderately priced entrees and Italian cooking, fast food, pizza, low and desserts. L.C. is one of every of the best restaurants in Multan. The modern atmosphere and fashionable cuisines build it one in every of its kind. The building started its operations back in 2017 and has won hearts ever since. 

It is an ideal eating spot for family and friends. A number of the foremost famed dishes that you just ought to embrace are their signature cappuccino, Classic Caesar salad, Oxford stuffed chicken, and after all, the melted volcanic rock cake. The place also offers individual dinner platters loaded with sweet and savory lip-smacking things.

Shahjahan Grill

If you wish to devour the style of authentic Mughlai cooking, you have to visit the present superb building. It’s placed in an affluent neighborhood of Multan in Gulgasht Ave. The ambiance and interior of the place offer an aura of the Mughal era. The historic Mughal vogue building and chic furnishings add additional beauty to the place.

The place has ample automobile parking space in addition. A number of the cuisines offered by the building are Asian, Pakistani, and Middle East cuisine. The menu card consists of around 200 food things. This stuff embraces a large variety of Pakistani dishes alongside western dishes.

Do not forget to do out their famed handis, biryanis, or maghaz. If you’re a feeder and wish to expertise exemplary Mughal eating expertise, the place is ideal for you as they need an enormous form of feeder dishes. The waiters are well-dressed, cooperative, and attentive. They’re accommodating in recommending the flavors and discovering the tasty dishes; if you look for the best places in Multan, you must visit Shahjahan Grill.

BBQ Tonight

It was inaugurated on the tenth of Nov in 1988, Bar. B.Q. Tonight started serving authentic Pakistani dishes and its signature Bar. B.Q. Dishes. The building distended its operations in Multan, and nowadays, it’s one of the most visited restaurants in Multan. Located at a fine-looking location of Chaman Zar Askari Jheel, BBQ Tonight is the best good spot for folks who need to relish brilliant food in a peaceful and calm setting. In short, BBQ Tonight is a beautiful place for folks that love BBQ, karahi, and kulcha. The food is pleasant-tasting and straightforward in the pocket.


Aangan is one of the high-end and famous restaurants in Multan. Everything speaks of class and sophistication, from the atmosphere to the inside to the cutlery. Aangan is the place for you to expertise a novel and splendid atmosphere with authentic desi cooking. Some of the dishes that you just ought to strive for at the building embrace Murgh BBQ, Mutton and Lamb BBQ, Beef BBQ, Taka Tak, and fish. 

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