Islamabad’s building business has recently surprised the native feeding scene with a spate of exciting new diners and hip bars. Several additions to the city’s burgeoning cookery arena focus on international preparation. Many diplomats utilized within the town yet as adventuresome foodies. Here we are going to discuss the best restaurants in Islamabad to arrange your next tasty meal in Pakistan’s capital town.

Best Restaurants In Islamabad


Found at street level in Islamabad’s luxurious Serena building, Rakaposhi restaurant and bakery is an ideal place in Islamabad for families to spend a while in a chic setting. The red-dominated venue boasts a sensual style, with spotlighting, marble floors, and a variety of distinctive. The massive pillars coated with reflective copper foils are attractive seating on the out of doors field.

Besides low and alternative hot and cold beverages, the restaurant serves delicious snacks with a spread of flavorsome fillings. You can also order the signature Serena sandwich with the dish, grilled chicken, turkey bacon, and cheddar. For those with an appetency, the bakery features a wealthy gamut of tempting delicacies, made up of scratch in-house.

Khaas Gallery restaurant

Hungry art lovers will kill two birds with one stone with lunch at Khaas Gallery a best restaurant in Islamabad. This lunch-only building is ready within the premises of Islamabad’s Khaas Gallery to showcase the works of exciting young talent. It additionally holds a historical assortment of mesmerizing eighteenth and nineteenth-century prints portraying the landscape and traditions.

The food at the connected restaurant isn’t any less worthy than the art. The menu presents a listing of contemporary, firm salads and tantalizing entrees. You must try their Thai red curry, with steamed rice and sauteed vegetables. It’s another one of the best restaurants in Islamabad.

The Lime Tree’

Kuch Kaas could be a center for arts, culture, and dialogue with a chic program of debates and activities. Settled in Kuch Kaas are Islamabad’s gems, The Lime Tree. The place is serving drinks and freshly-baked sweets. The best part of The Lime Tree, however, is the atmosphere. Then he merely embellished the venue with the copious lightweight from the big windows.

Furthermore, the guests relish their drinks while loving the exquisite art on the walls or reading one among the books on the cafe’s shelf. There’s even an attractive field with a gazebo and cozy sofas to relish drinks out-of-doors.

Mocca Coffee

Mocca coffee has with success created a corner of Scandinavian culture within the capital of the country. Along with this, the northern influence is clear within the minimalist style of the creamy-colored venue on one hand. Moreover, the place includes organic ingredients on the opposite, like acai, grass, or spirulina mixed in with the fruit smoothies.

The menu additionally offers worldly delicacies like crespelle, nachos as well as Spanish omelets. Impresses with the selection of yummy cakes, pies, cupcakes, and desserts. However, coffee is king here: merely a restaurant, Mocca is dedicated to smart coffee along with each mix with expertise cooked and brewed before being served.


It might be overwhelming to create a choice from the various, several choices on building Khiva‘s menu. However, any of the supply courses, are drawn from the cookery traditions of Asian countries. It’s amazing and one of the best restaurants to visit in Islamabad.

Choose from Pashtun specialties like the delicious grilled skinny minced Peshawari beef and lamb egg chops. You can also try a spread of succulent meats grilled the Afghan way as well as a wealth of alternative equally delicious dishes. You must try their soups and salads.

Relish the lavish meal in Khiva’s tranquil, intimate setting, in a very hospitable venue with a variety of gorgeous carpets hanging on the walls.

Siena Ristorante

Italian food is kind of well-liked in Islamabad, and Siena Ristorante serves a number of the simplest Italian dishes. Named once the picturesque town in Tuscany, the building offers several of Italy’s most acclaimed specialties. Begin with bruschetta’s or a fritto misto of squid and prawns, proceed with some oven-baked lasagna or food all pasta sauce before moving on to at least one of the juicy steaks on the menu. Along with this, there are many feeding rooms, every themed around a specific Italian town, however, nothing beats the Venice-inspired pool.


Housed in a very non-public residence, from the surface Majlis makes no impression. However, one step within, and also the building strikes guests with its wonderful layout and wealthy ornament. Large, finely-carved wood tables, lovely carpets, and exquisite murals portray natural scenery offer Majlis an exhilarating nonetheless intimate feel.

It surprises first-time guests alike making it one of the best restaurants in Islamabad. Along with this, Majlis’s room introduces a yummy menu dominated by Lebanese specialties. Highlights embrace kabsa rice, hummus tahini, babaganoush, and a varied variety of tasty kebabs. For the total Majlis expertise, conclude the meal smoking a narghile on the restaurant doors terrace.

Ox & Grill Islamabad

Do you have a robust need for one thing extraordinary? For all of your cravings, OX & Grill eating house has the perfect treat for you! a spread of steaks and burgers. Moreover, you can try Mexican, Pakistani, Chinese, as well as Thai dishes at Ox and Grill.

Western photographs of this place adorn the walls of the building as shortly as you enter the door. These pictures are indicative of the establishment. The managers and waiters are kind, and welcome from the start. They supply complimentary staff of life to urge guests within the mood, and customers enjoy their appetizers. The workers take orders and prepare your main dish.

Ox & Grill’s Chicken cheese is one of the foremost well-liked meals on the menu. It’s ready in a very approach that’s in contrast to the other. The LA Chicken, Ox & Grill special cut of meat, and Chicken Crunch Burger are well-liked decisions. Everything on the menu is utterly proportioned and appears mouthwateringly smart.

It was all about some of the best restaurants in Islamabad. If you are living here or visiting for the first time, you must try one of the above eateries for an amazing experience.

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