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8 Best Cinemas in Lahore – Pakistan Guide

Cinemas in Lahore

The city of Lahore has continually been a hub of Pakistan’s industry. Several Pakistani film actors have currently gained popularity and started their careers in this city. The sturdy presence of the recreation sector in Lahore has greatly influenced its culture, which is why the town is stuffed with several film buffs. Once it involves looking at movies on huge screens, individuals here have many choices accessible within the style of many elderly and freshly made cinemas in Lahore.

History of Cinemas 

Before we tend to point out the most recent trends within the screenland of Lahore, let’s take a fast check out its past. The muse of cinema in Lahore was arranged down in 1929, before the independence of Pakistan. The first film made within the region was Husan Ka Daku, which was directed by A. R. Kardar. Since then, thousands of Urdu feature films are made for the silver screen within the town.

Cinemas in Lahore

The era from 1959 until 1977 is taken into account as the golden age for cinemas in Lahore. The Pakistani screenland thrived and made several blockbusters all year spherical. This resulted in the development of the many cinemas within the town, a number of that exist to date. A couple of the celebrated antique cinemas in Lahore are Shabistan Cinema, patrician Cinema, Pakistan Talkies Cinemas, Anguri Cinema, Gulistan Cinema, and Lahore Cinema. 

The revival of Pakistani screenland within the twenty-first century has resulted in the institution of the many modern moving-picture show theatres in Lahore. So, let’s take a glance at Lahore’s best cinemas wherever you’ll be able to get an especially distinctive and pleasurable with 2nd and 3D digital multiplexes. 


You can’t very begin the list while not mentioning Cinepax in Lahore. Here you’ll be able to relish the most recent flicks shown in 2Ds and 3D digital cinemas. The latter is very immersive expertise. The cinema is provided with the most recent surround sound instrumentation. Cinepax cinemas are found at multiple locations in Lahore. The network contains a website wherever you’ll be able to check for brand new moving-picture show releases and accessible tickets.


There are multiple reasons why Cinestar is counted among the simplest cinemas in Lahore. Like all the opposite trendy cinemas within the city, it’s a family-friendly atmosphere. The seating arrangement at Cinestar Cinemas is sort of quiet. However, there’s additional. The network claims it’s “the sole cinema in West Pakistan with exclusive rights for IMAX Theaters.

Cinestar is additionally celebrated for its extremely aromatic popcorn and delicious snacks accessible at the food counters outside. You’ll be able to simply book online to possess incredible film expertise at Cinestar.

Super Cinemas 

One of the most recent theatres in Lahore is Super Cinema. This cinema shows buffs come back here to urge the simplest of comfort, recreation, and luxury. Super Cinemas exist at varied locations in Lahore and every one of them is equipped with options that each different modern digital cinema typically has. Moreover, the official website of Super Cinemas has all the helpful data concerning new movie releases, online booking of shows, and price tag rates. The image on top of already says heaps regarding the engineer and style of this cinema.

Raiha Cinegold Cinema 

Raiha Finegold Plex is Pakistan’s initial luxury house providing a dine-in facility to customers. The cinemas are found in Lahore, Islamabad, and the city. In Lahore, it’s situated in Bahria city Lahore, Raiha Cineplex Gold is a modern cinema providing exciting movie-going expertise to individuals. The cinema has luxury animal skin seating recliners and foremost sound and projection technologies. 

This place homes 2 and 3D digital cinemas wherever all the most recent Hollywood and Pakistani flicks are shown. Moreover, with the advanced projection and speaker technology, Raiha Finegold Plex allows you to relish your favorite movies within the most thrilling method. The website of this Bahria city closely-held house is updated on an everyday basis, providing you with the most recent data regarding moving-picture show shows and tickets online. The cinema contains a website and an app for convenient booking. It conjointly contains a card with discounts and edges.

The Arena 

Lifting the benchmark of digital moving-picture show screening in Lahore, the place is one of every of the best cinemas in Lahore. With a progressive seating arrangement, this cinema boasts all the most recent medium options to supply you a novel movie-going expertise. The cinema supports 2 and 3D formats and offers an ideal atmosphere for a family moving-picture show night. Like each different trendy house in Lahore, the podium contains a totally equipped online portal from wherever you’ll be able to keep a track of the latest releases and tickets at convenience.

Universal Cinemas 

Universal Cinemas is recognized together of the simplest cinemas in Lahore for quite a few reasons. For starters, it’s expansive cinema halls, 2 and 3D multiplexes, and a snug seating arrangement. Plus, the presence of multiple eateries right outside the Universal Cinemas can allow you to deliciously crushing your cravings for snacks, right when an exhilarating moving-picture show. By accessing their often-updated website, you’ll be able to simply check for the provision of shows and rates online.

Amanah Mall Cinema Lahore

Amanah Mall cinema is another house by Cinepax. It’s progressive 2 and 3D screens and surrounds electronic equipment. Tickets may be reserved through the website. The cinema is nevertheless to open up shortly as per government pointers. The seats per show shall be restricted and therefore the halls are altered before every show. All activities shall surface as per SOP.

Cue Cinema Lahore

Centrally placed in Gulberg, Cue Cinema may be a hub of activity. It conjointly has an app for straightforward bookings. Cinemas embrace Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Maximus. Maximus may be a high school Cinema that provides the subsequent

  • RGB optical maser cinema
  • 4K and 3D technology screens
  • Advances Surround electronic equipment
  • Restaurant menu and dine-in service.

Cue cinema offers a loyalty card which will be accustomed gain points from tickets, food, etc these points will then be saved for complimentary tickets and discounts.