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Hidden Gems of Pakistan


Hidden Gems of Pakistan: Unexplored Destinations Worth Visiting

Northern Pakistan is a trendy place for tourists. Many people visit well-known areas like Gilgit-Baltistan, but there are also smaller, less-known places that are just as beautiful.

These hidden spots are hard to reach, so many people need to learn about them.

According to numbers, only 20% of visitors visit these hidden places. But do not let that stop you! They are worth visiting, and you will mostly have the place to yourself.

So, if you plan a trip, consider adding these less-known places in Pakistan. They are worth the extra effort to get there.

Hidden Gems of Pakistan

Phander Valley, Gilgit Baltistan

If you are looking for a great place to visit in Pakistan, check out Phander Valley. It is not super famous, but it is lovely. It is in the Ghizer district, part of the bigger area called Gilgit Baltistan. The lake there, Phander Lake, has beautiful blue water.

The best time to go is from July to August. It’s not too cold and not too crowded.

You will also see many fruit trees like cherry and apricots looking their best.

If you like fishing, you can do that too! Just ask at your hotel for a fishing rod after getting a permit. You can take a bus from Gilgit, which takes about six hours to get to the valley. So, why give it a try?

Minapin Village

Pakrism recommends checking out Nagar District in Pakistan if you enjoy exploring new places. It’s close to another popular spot called Hunza.

More and more tourists are coming to both places, helping the local economy.

One village in Nagar that stands out is Minapin. The beauty of this village and its friendly people make it a must-visit.

It’s a great place to relax and sip some tea. For those who love adventure, it’s also a perfect starting point for a trek to the Rakaposhi base camp.

In Minapin, they even have their own small power station and berry farms. You can take a tour and taste the fresh berries.

Getting to Minapin is simple; it’s conveniently located near a major road, the Karakoram Highway. Pakrism suggests adding Nagar and Minapin to your list when planning your next trip to Pakistan. You will not regret it.

Soon Valley, Punjab

Have you ever heard of Soon Valley in Pakistan’s Khushab District? If not, let’s change that. Easily reachable from the Sargodha-Mianwali Highway, this valley’s been catching the travel bug lately. Boating?

Uchhali and Khabeki Lakes have got you covered. More of a history nut? The Mughal-era Kanhatti Garden and its waterfall await. Other spots like Jahlar Lake and Sodhi Bagh are traveller faves.
Book a room in Nowshera, the valley’s hub, and let your explorations spiral out. Picture this: you, lost in scenic views and old forts.

Bhit Khori

Close to Mubarak Village near Karachi, Bhit Khori is a quiet beach by the Arabian Sea. It’s a great place to enjoy the sun and the waves.

If you like snorkelling, you will love it here too. So, consider visiting this less-known beach if you want something different and unique. It’s a beautiful spot that’s worth checking out.

Garam Chashma, Chitral

Garam Chashma is a small village in Chitral. It is famous for its hot spring from Sulphur in the ground. Many people visit this place from all over Pakistan because they think the water can help with skin problems.

If you are going to Chitral, you should visit Garam Chashma too. The area around the village is beautiful, with many green fields and mountains.

Good news is that the government has built public bathrooms near the hot spring. So it’s easier for visitors to enjoy the water.

Even better, many hotels nearby are directly connected to the hot spring. So, you can enjoy the special water right in your hotel room. Consider staying in Garam Chashma when you visit Chitral.


Pakistan is a beautiful country with lots of different landscapes and weather. It also has old and new places that tell stories about its history and culture.

Furthermore, you can have all kinds of adventures here, easy and challenging.

Pakistan has some of the best sights you can find, even better than many other places. The spots I am talking about in this guide are the most unique and exciting in the country, each for its particular reason.