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Top 10 Best Universities in Islamabad 2022 | Pakistan Guide

Best Universities in Islamabad

According to Business Recorder, the full entrance altogether instructional establishments within the country was 56.6 million in 2018. Last year, it absolutely was 48 million. This increasing trend shows that additional folks have gotten into instructional institutes, particularly universities. In This article, we are discussing the 10 Best Universities in Islamabad. which is best for medical, engineering, and all other education filed.

Best Universities in Islamabad

Good schooling is crucial for the upbringing and learning of the kid. If you’re searching for sensible colleges, provide this text a browse. The peaceful atmosphere of this town makes it an ideal place to measure.

In today’s epoch, it’s knowing to acquire a university degree because can assist you to survive in this competitive and fast-moving society. The best university degree perpetually comes in handy because it ends up in additional and higher employment opportunities for you.

However, selecting a university isn’t hassle-free. It’s a tedious task that needs plenty of analysis and time. Most students value highly to take admission to those universities which offer hostel facilities or if there are any hotels close to these universities.

However, the great news is that we’ve compiled a listing of universities in Islamabad for you. These universities are among the Best Universities in Islamabad in Pakistan. If you’re a school student near to beginning their university degree, or if you’re somebody who needs to grasp the tutorial institutes of Islamabad, this text is for you.

NUST (National Institute of Sciences and Technology)

The first university on our list is NUST. Lovely field, wonderful, and in-depth alumni network build NUS. It is one of the Best Universities in Islamabad as well as Pakistan. The primary alternative of scholars. they need a large central library, plausible analysis centers, a large choice of cafés, multiple societies and student bodies, a gym, and sports courts.

The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad hierarchal 87th within the QS Asian University Ranking. NUST conjointly stands at the 417th position within the world ranking. The university is giving a large list of undergrad, and postgraduate. The student degrees start from business studies, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, medical specialty sciences, etc.
To get into the university, you would like to pass their web check, which is conducted multiple times during a year.

COMSATS University, Islamabad

COMSATS is the initial exclusive university for data and technology in Asian nations. With its college base of around a pair of,887, COMSATS is one of the best universities in Pakistan. CUI has been placed among the highest 800 World Universities within the World Universities Rankings in 2017-18 furthermore.
If you’re searching for AN IT or Cs degree, COMSATS is often an excellent choice for you.

Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

QAU is one of the oldest & best universities in Islamabad. it’s a grand field with totally different departments like management sciences, social sciences, literature, etc. Quaid-e-Azam University was hierarchal 651/700 within the world by the QS World University Rankings of 2018 and 133 in Asia.
QAU is additionally well-known for its various student body and intimate employees members. QAU has the respect of manufacturing the most variety of hydrogen ion concentrations. Their analysis departments are wonderful.

International Islamic University, Islamabad

IIUI is a public university established in 1980. it’s thought-about because of the center of theology and Islamic studies. It offers undergrad, postgraduate, diplomas, student degrees in law, science, engineering & technology, humanities, arts, non-secular studies, social and natural sciences.

The university conjointly has separate campuses and blocks for males and females. Also, IIUI is among the ranking universities in Asian nations.

Bahria University, Islamabad

Bahria University could be a public university established in 2000 by the Asian nation Navy. It’s giving undergrad, postgraduate, and student degrees in varied subjects as well as social sciences, art, management sciences, physics, etc.

The field is set close to the attractive Margalla hills. the luxurious inexperienced read and exquisite field build it a perfect place to review.

Air University, Islamabad

Air University could be a public university in Islamabad that was established in 2002 by the Asian nation Air Force. The university is one of the best universities in Islamabad working beneath the Asian nation Air Force education command. The university offers varied degrees for undergrad and postgraduate students.

The alumni of Air University square measure operating within the air force, PTCL, Huawei, Jazz, Zong, etc. The university is well-known for its engineering degrees.


NUML is additionally one of the oldest & best universities in Islamabad. Excluding regular degrees, NUML is additionally giving degrees in multiple languages like German, Arabic, French, etc.

So if you have got a talent for language and need to see your career as a language skill then NUML ought to get on your list. there’s a high demand within the marketplace for translators and bilingual folks.

FAST University, Islamabad

FAST is one of the highest & best universities in Islamabad. Keep in consideration, that the foundation for FAST was established in 1980.
It is one of the simplest universities in Islamabad for pc sciences and IT-related degrees. The university conjointly has campuses in Faisalabad, Lahore, and Peshawar, creating it the primary multi-campus university.

The university is additionally giving degrees in information science, digital rhetorical, and computer science. Of these degrees are of nice price and have high demand within the market.

PIEAS (Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences)

PIEAS is a public analysis university set in Islamabad. It’s thought-about in a concert with the far-famed engineering universities in Islamabad. The university is common among the plenty owing to its wonderful employees and progressive labs.

The university is giving degrees in engineering, natural sciences, and nuclear sciences. It’s quite arduous to induce into PIEAS owing to its high benefit criteria however you’ll be able to get the spot by operating arduous. PIEAS is additionally within the high four hundred universities ranking By QS World University Ranking 2019.

IST (The Institute of Space Technology)

If space, stars, and planets inspire you and you would like to pursue your career as an area someone, then IST is the place to travel. it’s a public university set on the outskirts of Islamabad. it’s giving varied programs in physics, region engineering, and aeronautics.

It conjointly has partnerships with international universities like Beihang University and therefore the University of Surrey.

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