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Delicious Korean food in Lahore – Pakistan Guide

Korean food in Lahore

The diversity of cuisines out there in Lahore has positively exploded within the previous few years. From desi and continental food, the town has come back with an extended method. People love to eat at the eateries that specialize in Japanese, Asian, Mexican, as well as even the middle east. Despite the proliferation of South Asian food notably, it’s still arduous to seek out authentic Korean food in Lahore.

Korean food in Lahore

About Korean food in Lahore

Although the aim of the eating place is to offer Pakistanis a style of real Korean food in Lahore. The type that’s braised in regular kitchens within the country. Kim admits that they need unbroken sure things and preparation techniques off the menu. 

Pakistanis like totally braised food and show their open dislike for any price raw thus we’ve to respect such preferences. The experts declared as he brought over the ultimate dish from our order and also the one that clothed to be the ultimate winner. The spicy Bulgogi is created from the undercut of beef. Then, it is marinated in a very mixture of sauce, garlic, pepper, and scallion before being cooked.

Korean food could look easy initially look, however, a real enthusiast will observe the varied parts and techniques that have gone into making ready it. The Kims have nailed it with their meticulous design and a spotlight on detail. There aren’t any desserts on provide and solely sodas as drink choices, which signifies that this can be the foremost they will manage. However, as long as they keep churning out their type of delicious, we tend to aren’t complaintive.


Lahore currently has its initial style of Korean food in Lahore preparation with a touch notable eating place, Che-Won. It come into being on the bottom floor of edifice One in Gulberg and had a discerning audience that went back time and time once more for his or her prawn pancakes, kimchi, and beef bulgogi. It’s the best Korean restaurant in Lahore, the menu is restricted however the style is fantastic. With the exception of that, Lahoris would dream of the hot pot out there.

When we recently detected that an area Asian eating place had inaugurated Korean BBQ at their new branch. I and my friends tend to have to do it out. Mandarin Kitchen’s sprawling new premises, just off M.M. Alam Road, are not solely appearance stylish. However, it conjointly has exclusive eating things to attract Lahore’s ever-hungry crowds.

Structured around the tables, the Korean BBQ has its own seating and you get expertise in live preparation. The menu has two options: a la menu wherever you select your own protein/meat as well as sides and a group menu that options different courses. There is a broth to choose from various options. We tend to opt for the a la menu and we tend tore select what to own for lunch with a complimentary mint cocktail.

The eating place is structured is in the form of a canteen with restricted seating, a counter behind which the cook cooks before the guests. There is also a giant screen tv and an icebox jam-packed with soft drinks. The atmosphere offers it a precise character of intimacy as well as ease so will its basic cutlery consisting of tea leaf mugs and gold chopsticks. 

A Korean couple, Mr. and Mrs. Kim started this venture as a passion project. We ordered the spicy Norwegian salmon and herb prawn as our main proteins.

loaded informed the perimeters as well as the Gambjobokke vogue cooked potatoes and eggplant. The eggplant and bean stir-fry was a second favorite. Wherever meat is usually the main focus, it’s nice to return across delicious feeder dishes. Caramelized with soy and cooked with garlic, the side dish was actually at par with the mains.

Udon House

Quaint and modest, a touch gem of an eating place serving authentic Korean food in Lahore resides within the heart of the urban center. With an old-world charm thereto, Udon home is currently over a year recent and also the rave reviews. I had detected from bonafide foodies finally thespian American state to the place. Strategically settled in central Gulberg, on the premises of edifice. It’s an attractive place for Korean lovers. Although the place is tiny however attracts a giant crowd, particularly throughout lunch hours. The muted interior and distributed furnishings with no-fuss finishing square measure testament to the unpretentious nature of the food still because of the howling homeowners.

The cordial reception of adult males. and Mrs. Kim is one of the most important attracts of Udon House. The hospitable sight of the old couple edge concerning within the open room in very capable hands. It is permitting them to unwind and anticipate the surprising to happen. The menu doesn’t boast of an outsized choice however it’s easy to grasp, with transient descriptions below the names of unacquainted dishes.

My friend and I selected a corner table to watch the busy artists within the room. I used to be curious to understand what a conventional Korean meal consisted of. Kim was duty-bound instantly by returning over and responding to my queries. I learned that besides seasoned vegetables and a spread of soups, rice remains the staple diet of most Korean food in Lahore.

Mr. Kim came to Asian country years past and has familiarized himself with the native preparation that he likes to love once not preparation. Whereas Kim ran a prosperous textile business in the urban center. The woman had nothing to stay herself busy with so came up with the concept of a gap and eating place. A year on, Udon House has become a favorite with those seeking wholesome food that’s exotic however easy. Specialties at the eating place embody the signature handstitched Udon noodles with soup, the Kimchi, and also the Beef Bulgogi.

Traditional Korean food in Lahore is incomplete while not gochujang. It’s a hard chile paste and is ready in winter by storing in giant clay jars. They are partly buried underground to retain the seasoning. Along with this, it also corporates a distinctive style and is the basic distinction between Korean and Chinese cuisines. It’s safe for the alimentary tract and lighter on the abdomen compared to the regular red chile powder used elsewhere.


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