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Mushkpuri Peak (Nathia Gali) – All You Need to Know – Pakistan Guide


Mushkpuri is a 9400+ foot mountain within the Donga Gali – Nathia Gali of District Abbottabad. It’s the second-highest peak within the Galiyat Region when Miranjani (9872 feet.). The height is referred to as Mushkpuri or Mukshpuri, or Mukeshpuri. Two tracks lead up to the summit, one from Donga Gali, which is steep, and the alternative from Nathia Gali, which is very simple and drawn-out. You’ll be able to reach the summit in around three hours from each of the tracks. the height is visited around the year. 

In winter, there’s ice on the tracks. Thus, you must take the required precautions. This post may be a travel guide for anyone getting to hike on Mushkpuri; where is Mushkpuri, Pakistan? It also contains essential info like mushkpuri high track distance or distance of mushkpuri from the capital of Pakistan etc. 

What makes the mushkpuri top distinctive is the weather and also the views. The complete scene changes in several months once the snow melts around the fifth month and the white peaks flip inexperienced. The place’s appearance is entirely totally different in each season. However, the trek isn’t completely safe, especially for inexperienced hikers. You have to take some precautions, especially in winters because of extreme snow.

Mushkpuri Trek

This is a three-hour safe hill trek to Mushkpuri high and is the second-highest hill of Galiyat at 9452 feet/3150 meters on top of the water level. This trek started from the Pines building in Nathigali and whorled upwards through the beautiful inexperienced pine forest displaying natural beauty. Hikers on Mushkpuri top are bestowed with colorful fairy fragmented carpet of flowers within the inexperienced Meadows of Mushkpuri. What is the Mushkpuri top?

Another trek descends to the opposite aspect towards Dunga Gali, supplying you with the bird’s eye read of Ayubia park below; this trek isn’t sensible for people worrying about height. The park starts from Dunga Gali and extends towards the stream Jehlum. The hike up to Mushkpuri high may be formed from Dunga Gali. It’s an honest trek for the families to travel out and luxuriate in the attractive natural pine forest of galyat. There’s a little water spring at the highest. Additionally, you’ll be able to see scenic views and wild valleys from the Mushkpuri top.

Islamabad to Mushkpuri

You can reach the height simply on a metaled road from the capital of Pakistan, Pakistan. If you’re getting to persist your vehicle, go towards Murree from the capital of Pakistan on the Murree route. The road would take you across totally different Gali’s like Banasura Gali, Khaira Gali, and Ghora Gali, and when a twenty–half-hour drive, you’ll reach the Donga Gali. Nathia Gali is reached from Donga Gali.

You can reach Mushkpuri whereas availing native transport additionally. Native wagons sometimes take around three hours from the Pir-Dwadashi bus depot to achieve Donga Gali. You’ll be able to either access wagons towards Kalabagh or Khaira Gali from Pir-Dwadashi. The wagon towards Kalabagh would take you to Donga Gali and Nathia Gali. The buggy towards Khaira Gali would take you to Khaira Gali. 

Pickups sometimes take a quarter-hour from Khaira to Donga Gali. Native transport from the city to Murree is on the market when each half-hour. Pickups from Murree town to Donga Gali to Nathia Gali are out there when every ten minutes. You’ll be able to additionally avail custom employed Suzuki Bolan & Pickups from Murree town to the Donga Gali.

Hiking to the Mushkpuri high

People love Donga Gali Track because the track is relatively fearless than the Nathia Gali Track. Each of the ways is also safe for families and kids alike. The Mushkpuri Peak is placed inside the Ayubia park. The Donga Gali Track is around 2.5 kilometers, and it takes around two hours and thirty minutes to hide the track. The Nathia Gali Track is four-kilometer-long, and it always takes approximately three hours quarter-hour to achieve the summit. KPK tourer Police cover the trek for the security of the tourists. The police are very helpful in providing details and serving the tourists no matter what they’ll. They once carried our baggage across the track, whereas you can be used to submitting Miranjani Peak with an acquaintance.

Sight Seeing

You can witness Ayubia park on the tracks. Ayubia park is a protected space of 3312 Hectares Declared in 1984 and is known as when President Ayub Khan of Asian nation. A tower is developed on the Donga Gali Track. From the summit purpose, you’ll see the Bagh District of AJK, Murree town, and the capital of Pakistan.


A full tank in your automobile will take you to Mushkpuri from Islamabad and back to the capital of Pakistan. The native wagons carry PKR two hundred from Pir-Dwadashi to Kalabagh & PKR a hundred and forty to Khaira Gali, and pickups from Khaira Gali would take PKR twenty from Khaira Gali to Donga Gali.

The only lovely building at the Nathia and Donga Gali is A more building at Donga Gali. The structure and furnishings are excellent. Amore building may be a bit high-priced compared to alternative hotels because of the facilities. There are several hotels within the space. You’ll be able to stay within the area between PKR 1500 to PKR 15000, per the facilities.

Things to understand 

The most vital purpose is to understand the trek issue. In summers, any healthy individual will simply reach the highest; it takes around a half-hour to travel to the highest. Thus, those that don’t walk always might realize it is onerous. We wouldn’t recommend inexperienced hikers to travel when per week of downfall. However, with the proper precaution, any physically working person will go or ought to go. 

The trek is slippery in winters, and one kilometer of it concerns the dimensions of a single man. This can be the part of the trek that’s risky. One wrong step will take your life; thus, you must make every step with great attention.

The most significant issues with newcomers in winter aren’t this; newcomers are an excessive amount of afraid and focus on the bottom; worry is what makes the trek dangerous. Detain mind that the general Trek issue is medium; you’ll be able to check any website or raise anyone.


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