All the trekking trails in Pakistan are within the northern mountain areas of Pakistan. The mountain communities of Karakorum Range are rather more liberal than others. The cities of Islamabad, Lahore and other modern cities wherever you’ll be able to usually women carrying jeans and tight shirts. However, you’ll be able to wear your shirt and jeans/trousers throughout your holidays in Pakistan. Here are some Clothing Tips for Women Trekking in Pakistan.

Women Trekking in Pakistan

What to wear in Pakistan as a Female?

 In massive cities, it’s alright to dress like this – however it’s far better to speculate in some native desi garments.

Modest covering

This can be something that covers your legs, shoulders, and chest. Western fashion that follows these criteria is completely acceptable in cities. However, it’ll undoubtedly be value finance in some beautiful native covering after.


For women, it’s completely essential to bring a bunch of scarves with you to Pakistan. Though you’re not hiding your hair on the road, it’s a requirement for spiritual places. And even in lifestyle, it would be best to avoid unwanted attention.


For many parts of the country, you’ll solely got to bring terribly skinny garments. You can fill up on Pakistani summer garments as shortly as you arrive. Decide on thin-fabric scarves when carrying hijab. Bring a skinny jacket if you intend to go to the northern areas in summer.


From Dec to Feb it will get pretty cold altogether of Pakistan. It provides even within the city’s most homes lack correct heat insulation. Therefore, you ought to bring thicker pullovers, scarves, a coat, and the rest that keeps you heat. It’s the common travel outfit for ladies.

In between

October to Nov and March to Apr arethe foremost comfy months to go to Pakistan however conjointly the foremost troublesome ones to pack for. You’ll probably want skinny summer garments throughout the daytime and a jacket in the dead of night. However, the weather will modification terribly unexpectedly throughout these months. Therefore, it’s a decent plan to bring each summer and winter garments.

Women Trekking in Pakistan

What to Wear in West Pakistan- Tips?

  • When coming up with what to wear in Pakistan, bear in mind the state is extremely ancient. So, short tops, short skirts/shorts, tight or body-revealing garments etc. ought to be avoided.
  • A sensible choice is that the native dress; a trousers tunic. This is often a protracted tunic prime with loose fitting pants, which may be cheaply at any market.
  • Take loose long trousers and a few full-sleeved shirts and t-shirts for comfy traveling as well as for Women Trekking in Pakistan.
  • Full-sleeved garments are ideal protection against sun burn throughout the day and two-winged insects bites in the dead of night.
  • Light wool is a good selection to wear against your skin because it helps to manage your vital sign. It keeps you heat within the cold. Moreover, it wicks away wet once it’s hot, and does not retain odors.
  • A sunbonnet is a should for the summer and a travel umbrella is nice for the rain and sun.
  • Make positive you are taking a decent cream.
  • Ensure you bring a flexible travel jacket either you are male or Women Trekking in Pakistan.

Mix and match

Wearing a shirt with jeans is straightforward and cozy. The shirt can in fact go down below your hips to be a touch additional conservative however you’ve still got the comfort of jeans (and pockets) that you’re most likely wont to. Some of the regional covering from Pakistan is gorgeous. You can buy number of things throughout your travels that can solely prove sensible. Moreover, these are conjointly vibrant and pleasant to wear.

Pack for the weather

  • In Pakistan, April, May, June, July, August, Sept and October are the most popular months. You can pack light-weight cotton garments. However, avoid synthetics as you will develop some skin allergic reaction and heat burns.
  • Winters like November, December, Jan and February are cold, therefore pack some hotter layers.

Women Trekking in Pakistan

  • Showing cleavage isn’t quite common in West Pakistan.
  • In cities and cities, carrying shorts isn’t suggested. However, it higher if garments might cowl each shoulders and knees to avoid curious stares.
  • A cotton shirt or shirt, with cotton pants or a fair ankle-length skirt is common in cities and cities.
  • While visiting places of worship (mosques, temples, gurudwara, or mausoleum), girls should wear long skirts or long trousers. Don’t forget to get rid of your footwear before getting into any spiritual place.
  • It is best to hold a light-weight or scarf with you to hide your head in case it gets too hot. Some spiritual places need you to hide your head, therefore it should return handy then too when you are a Clothing Tips for Women Trekking in Pakistan.

Shoes to pack for West Pakistan

  • Ensure to have sensible durable shoes with you as your feet can get dirty and dirty while traveling.
  • Choose a durable pair of hiking shoes to keep your feet dry and cozy altogether climates.
Women Trekking in Pakistan

Pakistan travel necessities

As well as knowing what to wear in Pakistan?, it’s a decent plan to conjointly think about the very important travel accessories you’ll want.

  • Buy insect/mosquito repellent out there – you’ll want lots.
  • Away from the hotels rest room facilities are basic and additional. You should take your own tissue and anti-bacterial wash.
  • In basic accommodation you’ll conjointly want your own microfiber travel towel and toiletries. A touch medical kit, stitching repair kit, and a decent torch too.
  • Don’t drink or maybe brush your teeth in water. Think about taking a filter bottle.
  • A bag or soft-sided haversack could be an additional sensible choice than arduous cases once traveling round the country,
  • Avoid paying sudden baggage fees – use associate correct bags scale to make sure you retain at intervals the burden. Do not forget to go away area for souvenirs on the means home.
  • Combine your bag with a fold away day sack which will carry your necessities on day journeys.
  • Consider taking a star powered charger as a back-up for your battery.
  • In order to use electrical gadgets, you will want a travel adapter plug, and conjointly a step-down voltage device.