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Best Time To Visit Skardu – Pakistan Guide

Best Time To Visit Skardu

Skardu, the holidaymaker hub and business enterprise capital of Pakistan shines its stunning views from June to August. These months are also the height season of business enterprise within the region and the best time of the year to visit Skardu. They are packed with true natural mysteries everyplace, and every one exceptional fruit in these peak months. The best time to visit Skardu is summer from June to September.

Best Time To Visit Skardu

Where Is Skardu?

In the east of Pakistan’s northern Gilgit-Baltistan region, at around 2,230 meters altitude, lies Skardu, one of the region’s most important cities. It’s located all along the Shigar watercourse and, therefore, the river that separates the chain of mountains from the range of mountains. This location blesses the region with a singular landscape and system, which might be found in a few different places.

Weather In Skardu

Skardu’s climate is comparatively delicate compared to different places in northern Pakistan. The warmest months are from June to September; once temperatures get as high as 30°C, the coldest months are December to February. It is the best time to visit Skardu, Pakistan, but the temperatures often go minus degrees in winters. Expect temperatures around ten °C throughout the months in between. Rain is highest from December through the cold.

How to Get to Skardu

Getting to Skardu is both a blessing and a curse. Luckily, you have got a lot of choices than with most different places in northern Pakistan since Skardu has its airfield.

By Air

There are daily direct flights from Islamabad and the city to Skardu airfield. The flights are operated by the national airline with aircraft. Despite their comparatively short durations, flights to Skardu tend to be quite costly, going around $80 – $200 per unidirectional flight. The (very scenic) approach to the mountainous region is extraordinarily troublesome for pilots; however, flying into Skardu remains considerably safer than reaching the town by road.

By Road

Getting to Skardu by road may be a ton cheaper than flying. However, sensible luck! Traveled on the world’s most dangerous highway close to Naran. However, the road that connects Skardu with Gilgit is in such abysmal condition that near-death experiences are nearly warranted on the approach. There’s no surprise that terrible accidents do happen. In addition, frequent landslides can almost actually delay your journey by some hours. 

If you’re bust E and still attempt to visit Skardu by road, there are some choices Best Time To Visit Skardu. You’ll take a public bus from different cities in Pakistan and be part of a bunch tour. There is also an option to rent a non-public driver. Please don’t decide to drive on these roads yourself.

Best time to visit Skardu

  • March to April: cherry blossom season in Skardu. These months are the beginning of business enterprise within the region and the best time to visit Skardu.
  • May: the transient of cherry blossom to wholesome summer. The entire region starts handing over to the inexperienced this month. The significant fantastic modification may be seen throughout the month of cloud in Skardu.
  • June to August: the most effective and best month to explore the Skardu throughout these three months. Everything is at its peak throughout this era of your time.
  • September and October: These months are known as the seasons of fruits. Months are dedicated to those that like to explore the style of fruits.
  • November and December: fall season starts within the last weeks of November and ends within the second week of December. Everything turns yellow in November. Moreover, it also diminishes all around in December. It’s the beginning of winter in Skardu.
  • January and February: these months are the peak winter in Skardu. The temperature remains below the temperature snow-falling throughout these months The best time to visit Skardu is summer from June to September.

Can I visit Skardu in January?

Tourists sometimes raise regarding Jan in Skardu. In January, it’s highly suggested to go to Skardu rather than Murree to witness precipitation. Skardu features a fantastic image in winters like frozen Shangrila lake, ice-covered cold desert Skardu, icy Manthokha water, and flying snowflakes around.

Best Places to go to close to Skardu

The region around Skardu is packed with fabulous holidaymaker destinations. Here are some suggestions of places to go to close to Skardu:

Best Time To Visit Skardu

Skardu city

It starts with the town itself, despite its regional importance. Skardu may be a comparatively tiny town, which means it will be explored for several hours. Visit Skardu Fort and buy native crafts and textiles at the city’s memento market. Don’t forget to haggle!

Deosai park

Ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 meters altitude, the Deosai Plains close to Skardu are the second-highest alpine highland in the world. Deosai park was initially established to guard the chained bear and different species. It is presently on UNESCO’s tentative World Heritage list. Visit Deosai park to fancy unimaginably vast and empty landscapes. It’s considered one of the best places to visit in Skardu because of Kalapani, Barapani, and Sheosar Lake waters. The drive south from Skardu to Deosai park takes one to 2 hours up a pass.

Shigar valley

About one-hour northeast of Skardu on the Shigar lake lies the gorgeous Shigar valley. Follow the scenic road right down to the magnificent village of Shigar. You’ll not solely witness native fine arts gems like Shigar Fort or the wood Khilangrong house of prayer. However, additionally traditional Balti village life.

Sarfarangah Desert

Sarfarangah Desert is one of the two renowned cold deserts around Skardu. It’s placed within the Shigar valley on the Shigar waterfall is the correct conclusion for a visit to Shigar. Leave behind your shoes to fancy the graceful sand and luxuriate in jumping into the tall dunes with many friends. But beware, there can be thorns hidden underneath the sand in some parts!

Kalpana Desert

Best Time To Visit Skardu

Significantly nearer to the town lies the Katpana Desert, Skardu’s different cold desert. It is encircled by tall mountains and an exquisite lake in the center. The Katpana Desert is particularly gorgeous in winter once a swish blanket of snow covers its sand. Additionally, its proximity to Skardu airfield makes the Katpana Desert simply accessible for all seasons. 

I am sure, You understand the best time to visit Skardu for enjoyment with family, friends and other people.