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Top 13 Traditional Karachi Foods Items That Define Its Food Culture

Traditional Karachi Foods

Just like the city itself the Karachi is the mixture of diverse totally different influences. Several ethnic teams and traditions have contributed their flavors, spices and ways to make a singular assortment of tantalizing foods that’s on the spicier aspect with attention on fragrance and meat. Here could be a list of the highest eleven dishes as well as traditional Karachi foods you want to eat once in Karachi.

Traditional Karachi Foods

if you are foody person than you can Top 13 Best traditional Karachi foods item which are most delicious food in this list.


Biryani is a rice combine dish owing its origins to the Muslims of the Indian landmass. It is one of the most famous Karachi foods. The dish includes spices, rice and meat with potatoes being adscititious. Moreover, Biryani is one among the foremost in style South Asian dishes found extensively.

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Different communities within the Indo-Pak region have their own kinds of biryani occurring like Mughlai in North Bharat. However, the dish came to Lahore and Karachi in Pakistan too because the Mughal rule there.


You wouldn’t wish to miss out on the delicious National Dish of Karachi. One among the best influences on the food here comes from the Urdu speaking Karachi its an immigrated at the partition of the Indian landmass. Nihari is one among the dishes that was brought on, and as most of the Urdu speaking populations in Karachi. Their cookery in its most authentic type is additionally found here.

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Along with this, this dish is largely a stew of meat like beef, lamb, mutton or chicken grilled slow alongside bone marrow and with a Naan. Some sources connect the origins of the dish to eighteenth century city throughout the last kings of the Mughal era.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka comes from the Punjab region is in style in Pakistan and Bharat. The dish is ready by marinating chicken meat, with spices and dairy product. The dish gets ready by the professionals. However, chicken tikka is one of the best Karachi foods.

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Moreover, it’s a similar as Tandoori Chicken and in Karachi name as chicken tikka whether or not the meat is boneless or not. It’s a dry dish therefore its typically served with cut limes. Along with this, dairy product chilly and mint dips with roti or naan bread gives an outclass combination.


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Handi is a creamy delicious aromatic dish. The preparation of this dish comes with wide range of ingredients. The food is also grilled during a short span of time. It’s a dish the general public like to dine out attributable to its exquisite style. Moreover, the dish gets its name from the ceramic ware pot or Handi.

Seekh kabab

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Seekh Kebabs are among the various alternative kebabs in Pakistan. You can enjoy this Karachi foods from chicken, lamb or beef. The meat is shaped on the skewers before being barbequed over fireplace. Different spices and herbs before serving with naan or rice, side dish) and easy dish.


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Originating from Punjab’s Lahore province Katakat is wide in style in Pakistan and a few of the simplest Katakat will be found in Karachi’s restaurants. It’s a mince of organs like brain, heart, kidney, liver, lungs with lamb chops in butter. However, the dish gets its distinctive name from the kata-kat sounds created on the big fry pan with the voice of chopping meat.


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Koftas are one of the most illustrious food of Karachi. These are meatballs in several countries however in Pakistan, you’ll enjoy with a spicy gravy sauce and with rice and bread. You can use various types of meats with onion, spices and salt to form this tasteful delicacy. Yogurt, cream and farm cheese are also the side ingredients.

Chicken Karahi

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In terms of famous Karachi foods, there is a dish in Karachi- the Chicken Karahi. This spicy dish gets its name from the cooking pan it’s grilled in, known as Karahi. All Pakistani restaurants with traditional cuisines can serve the dish. Ingredients like ginger and tomatoes are the prime flavors of this tasty dish alongside chicken as well as alternative meats.


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This is a dish proverbial for its sticky consistency returning from the trotters or the hoof of the animal creating the stew. Beef, goat, buffalo or sheep trotters are cook alongside numerous spices. The dish was historically slow grilled over night to form the bone and meat juice course into the soup. However, it still takes fer hours with the utilization of pressure cookers. Furthermore, Chickpeas also are adscititious into the stew typically.

Chicken Malai Boti

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Chicken Malai Boti gets its name from Malai or recent cream that’s marinade the meat alongside spices before the grilling process. It provides the meat a singular swish, soft flavorful bite. It’s one among the popular dishes in Karachi attributable to the winning combination of spiciness. Furthermore, the creamy base that makes the chicken meat nearly soften upon ingestion.


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Haleem is a thick stew of flour, soup, lentils, barley, meat and spices. It’s one among the famous dishes in Karachi foods attributable to its style and nutritional edges. This distinctive dish needs to be eaten within the street stalls on Karachi. Moreover, Haleem is additionally in style in numerous varieties in central Asia. Moreover, you can also garnish the food with juice, ginger, chilies and onion.

Arabian paratha

Slightly slow from the major meals, one among the foremost acknowledge Pakistani street food streets of Karachi Arabian paratha. Hence, feel it’s deliciousness in style at midnight. You must have a street food tour schedule to satisfy your taste buds.

Matka kulfi

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On Burns Road there’s a little hole within the wall look that makes a specialty of matka kulfi. Kulfi is an Indian sub-continent frozen dessert made of khoa. The kulfi is frozen within a matka, alittle clay-cup.

You must order variety of flavors such as pistachio and saffron. The pistachio is the favorite or everyone vivacious and nutty. Along with this, the saffron is also attention-grabbing, floral, and doubtless vivacious in saffron.

It was all about some of the most popular traditional Karachi foods. If you are coming to this city, you must try all the above dishes for a remarkable experience.