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10 Best Restaurants for Families in Lahore | Pakistan Guide

Best Restaurants for Families in Lahore

When we talk about Lahore, we envision breakfast, mouth-watering Barbeque, Buffet as well as much more.  Keep in consideration, that a visit to Lahore without enjoying the desi food is incomplete. However, things get complicated when you have to select the Best Restaurants for Families in Lahore in terms of scrumptious meals. Don’t worry. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best restaurants in Lahore you try on your visit.

Best Restaurants for Families in Lahore

Lahore is the capital city of Punjab as well as the second-largest city in Pakistan. It is rich in history and liberal niches. The ancient capital of Punjab is living true and it’s also home to many historical sites of Pakistan.  

Haveli Restaurant in Lahore

The very first food outlet in Lahore on our list of best restaurants is Haveli Restaurant.  It is located in an ahistorical old-fashioned building giving a spectacular view of the Badshahi mosque. Moreover, it is one of the best restaurants for couples in Lahore. The menu of Haveli Restaurant menu includes Chinese, Afghani, and multiple Barbecue dishes in order to meet your spicy culinary needs. Lahoris like to relish Chatpata food and the menu includes a wide range of starters, BBQ, HAveli Special Sajji, soups, and much more. Basically, it’s a rooftop Best Restaurants for Families in Lahore that you must try with your family.

Along with this, you can also continue the food adventure with continental, Chinese dishes as well as local dishes.

Yum Chinese and Thai in Lahore

Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant are enjoying a distinguished reputation for serving authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine. It is in a commercial area in Lahore. Keep in consideration, the Yum group of restaurants has a number of food outlets with multiple menus that you can enjoy. You can also start your meal with prawns and tempura. There are classic soups to relish especially in winters. If you want the main course, try seafood, and chicken beef, as options are limitless.

Dera Restaurant in Lahore

How can we forget to mention Dera Restaurant while describing the Best Restaurants for Families in Lahore? This food outlet aims to provide traditional Pakistani food with a desi environment. It always continues to stay authentic as well as offers high-quality desi food.

Similar to the other best restaurants, the menu of the desi restaurant is all about classical desi chicken, mutton, and beef meals. You can also enjoy their special deals. Along with this, the outlet also prepares delicious Taka to take and BBQs. Moreover, their continental food choices are also awesome. In order to add a desi food venture, the restaurant also offers a Hi-tea buffet. It’s full of savory and sweet delights.

Khan Baba Restaurant

Next up is Khan baba restaurant, one of the best restaurants for families in Lahore. The eatery is equally famous as well as one of the best restaurants in Lahore. It specializes desi food with high quality. However, the famous culinary dishes are Mutton Naan and desi Ghee karahi. It is fascinating to know that Khan Baba restaurant is receiving adequate positive reviews from Guests.

Khan Baba allows you dive into original desi food cuisine. Try their Mutton Qorma and Mutton Pulao. Desi food is incomplete without fresh Raita and Salad. Accompany your meal with delicious Lahori Sweets such as Gurh Waly Chawal and Zarda. In addition to food, the staff is also very friendly and cooperative. It’s one of the best restaurants for families in Lahore that you must try.


If you are looking for a delicious buffet in Lahore, Ziafat is one of them. It is delicious, simple, as well as tasty food to tantalize the desi food buds. The food outlet is aiming to offer exquisite quality food for over 20 years.

It is fascinating to know that, their buffet menu includes an overflowing Lunch cum Hi-tea buffet and executive Platters with a range of Prices. However, the main focus is on desi dishes to satisfy your desi gastronome in Lahore. Ziafat also has fine dining with a classical white backdrop. You’ll enjoy a comfortable sitting arrangement.


Tabaq is a popular choice, especially for barbecues and roasts in Lahore. The food outlet specializes in roasting all types of meat. It is also the Best Restaurants for Families in Lahore. On Occasions, it also offers special services of rating slaughtered meat in order to help the customer’s clients.

Tabqa is significantly famous for Charge. However, it offers other dishes too. Enjoy their special, deals, Thai, Continental dishes, and Chinese. There is also a separate section of Tandoori in order to accompany your burger or sandwich. Hence, Tabaq provides a lot of culinary options to try and have an enjoyable meal.

Monal Lahore

Keep in consideration, that the list of Best Restaurants in Lahore is incomplete without adding Monal Lahore to the list. This food chain has its luxurious Terrace outlet as well as allows the people to experience rooftop fine dining, like Islamabad Monal. The place offers A La Carte menu to choose from. You can enjoy traditional, Chinese, Thai, Oriental, as well as continental cuisines.

You can enjoy their special deals for families. Besides individual meals, y try their Lunch buffet, Sunday brunches, as well as individual Platters in Lahore. Along with this, you can also accompany the meal with delectable beverages and tasty desserts.

It is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Lahore with an appetizing food combination. Furthermore, the place also offers food delivery services. You must visit it, especially on weekends. Over the period, the restaurant is getting a decent rating from national and international visitors as well.

Mandarin kitchen

Mandarin Kitchen is an excellent Pan-Asian restaurant in Lahore. The food outlet comes on the list of the Best Restaurants for Families in Lahore as it offers authentic and vibrant Thai and Chinese dishes. Along with this, you can also consider it the best Asian restaurant in Lahore.

Mandarin Kitchen is offering a selection of Classical Chinese, Small Platters, Soups, Noodles, Asian Signatures, and Salads. You can also try their vegetable meal options. It is fascinating to know that, there is also a Live Korean menu in order to meet your Korean food cravings.

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