How many hill stations are in Pakistan? Whether you’re an adventure-seeking looking to travel off the crushed path or somebody who simply desires to relish a spectacular read of mountains and lakes from their cozy bedroom whereas sipping on a cup of drinking chocolate, the gorgeous hill stations in Pakistan provide something special for everybody. What are hilly areas in Pakistan?

Hill Stations are in Pakistan

So, suppose you’re taking a chance from your hectic schedule by taking a little budget-friendly summer vacation within the coming months. In that case, you wish to ascertain our decision on the foremost well-liked hill stations in Pakistan and select your next travel destination.

Hill Stations in Pakistan

Hill StationDistance from IslamabadElevation
1. Murree1 h 39 min (64.3 km) via Islamabad – Murree Expressway/N-752,291 m
2. Abbottabad2 h 20 min (134.7 km) via AH1/M-1 and E35 Expressway/Hazara Expressway1,256 m
3. Bhurban1 h 48 min (68.8 km) via Islamabad – Murree Expressway/N-752,000 m
4. Gilgit12 h 56 min (511.9 km) via Mansehra – Naran – Jalkhad – Chilas Rd/N-151,500 m
5. Shogran5 h 57 min (224.5 km) via Mansehra – Naran – Jalkhad – Chilas Rd/N-152,362 m
6. Kalam7 h 36 min (325.0 km) via AH1/M-12,001 m
7. Malam Jabba5 h 44 min (275.6 km) via AH1/M-1 and Swat Expressway2,804 m
8. Gorakh Hill Station17 h 26 min (1,256.6 km) via National Highway 51,734 m

Five Famous hill stations in Pakistan 

Here are some of the best hill stations in Pakistan that everybody should visit a minimum of once in their life. Let’s glance at their location and why specifically they are therefore celebrated.


You won’t be ready to forget the sight of the enchanting Gilgit stream flowing against the background of mighty mountain peaks. Gilgit isn’t solely the capital of the Gilgit District within the breathtakingly stunning Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. However, it’s conjointly one of Pakistan’s foremost well-liked hill stations. Enclosed by majestic covered mountains, ethereal lakes, and enchanting inexperienced meadows, Gilgit is considered a veritable piece of heaven on earth. 

This hill station welcomes an outsized variety of domestic and foreign tourists every year due to its standing jointly among the major developed areas within the entire region. The highest hotels in Gilgit provide all the facilities you’d expect to seek out in larger cities. It even includes a little domestic flying field, creating it accessible for travelers from everywhere in the country.


You can’t mention the strikingly stunning traveler destination of Skardu and Gilgit while not mentioning Hunza, another gorgeous hill station within the heart of Gilgit Baltistan that reminds you of impressive winter wonderlands pictured in children’s fairytales.

Located at 8,000 feet, Hunza is enclosed by majestic natural covering mountains, attractive inexperienced plains, fruit-laden orchards, and clear blue rivers. Attabad Lake, Baltit Fort, Passu Cones, Altit Fort, Rakaposhi viewpoint, and Eagle’s Nest are the top traveler attractions in Pakistan.

Most tourists wish to stay in Hunza for 2 to 3 days, reckoning on their itinerary, throughout their trip to Gilgit Baltistan. The welcome of the locals, accessibility of all civic amenities, and breathless natural beauty build it one of the best hill stations in Pakistan for a budget-friendly trip. 

Meanwhile, don’t forget to ascertain our list of the foremost well-liked hotels in Hunza. This may assist you in puzzling out wherever to remain throughout your trip to the present celebrated hill station in Pakistan. 


Skardu is one of the foremost well-liked hill stations in Pakistan. Even though you have never been to the present picturesque depression settled at the confluence of stream Indus and stream Shigar and Indus some 8,200 feet on top of water level, you want to have a minimum of a photograph of this lush inexperienced traveler destination on a mailing-card or a calendar. 

Located within the region of Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu is the capital of the Skardu District. It’s conjointly home to many of the foremost stunning lakes within the country higher Kachura Lake, Lower Kachura Lake, and Satpara Lake. Well-liked traveler destinations in Pakistan.

However, before you allow for your trip, check that to require a glance at a number of the most spartan hotels in Skardu that are proverbial for their welcome, food, facilities, and cozy accommodation choices. 


Ayubia, conjointly called Ayubia park, is one of Pakistan’s foremost well-liked hill stations. Settled at a short drive from Murree at an altitude of 8,000 feet, this picturesque traveler destination could be a part of the Abbottabad District within the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This summit resort gained the standing of a park in 1984 and is presently managed by the life and Parks Department of the govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

Since it’s simply twenty-six kilometers from Murree, an outsized variety of tourists visiting the realm take on a daily trip to Ayubia. The charming hill station, enclosed by mountain peaks and dense inexperienced forest, options courageous hiking trails, breathless picnic spots, and gorgeous viewpoints. Moreover, a 4-kilometer-long Pipeline Walking Track runs between Ayubia and Nathiagali, another traveler destination in Pakistan.

However, the ski tow in Ayubia is also its most vital feature. Thought-about the first-of-its-kind facility within the country, it’s one of the foremost well-liked chairlifts in Pakistan. It takes tourists from Ayubia to Mukeshpuri, a close-by mountain summit. Moreover, the best time to go to Ayubia and Nathiagali is March and October. The best thing is to add Murree and Ayubia to the same bucket list as both hill stations are close. 


Murree, the queen of hill stations in Pakistan, is arguably the busiest and hottest traveler destination within the country. Home to century-old colonial buildings, thick forests of pine and oak also orchards of apricots and apples, Murree is one of the primary names that pop into one’s head once it involves traveler destinations within the country. 

Located close to Islamabad with an elevation of 7,000 feet, this quaint hill station is a well-liked weekend getaway for those living within the city of the capital, Lahore, and other nearby areas. Murree has become a perfect spot for commercial enterprise. Not solely that, a variety of upmarket restaurants, cafes, nutriment joints, and shops have popped up within the space over the past few decades, adding to its vibrant lifestyle. The hotels in Murree conjointly provide all the facilities and amenities because of the hotels in larger cities.

Moreover, a visit to the hill station of Murree attracts tourists all-round the year. The pleasant weather and scenic mountainous views make it a favorite destination for summer vacations. However, because the weather gets cold, Murree transforms into a winter wonderland, with a thick layer of snow covering each in. of the surface. It won’t be wrong to decide it is one of the highest places in Pakistan to go to throughout the winter holidays.


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  3. hill stations in pakistan are nature’s tranquil retreats, where lush greenery and cool mountain air embrace weary souls, offering solace and rejuvenation amidst breathtaking vistas.
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