Many people think that Pakistan doesn’t attract many international tourists, mainly when to put next to its neighbor India. But that’s not true. Pakistan is gorgeous, has some distinctive places to go, and may positively be a good travel destination. If you’re concerned about safety in Pakistan, I added some info at the tip of this text best cities in Pakistan

Best Cities in Pakistan

From gorgeous mountains to unimaginable history and delicious food. Pakistan includes a heap to supply. Pakistani commercial enterprise is increasing, and lots of commercial enterprise corporations are targeted on quality further as property. Here we are going to explain some of the best cities in Pakistan

From staying in small hotels dominating tiny peaks within the Hunza valley to absorbing culture at fantastic museums in cities for everybody. Now let’s glance at Best Cities in Pakistan to go to. Therefore, we will assist you in building a call on wherever to travel next.


If you want to know which is the best city in Pakistan? There is no better answer than Islamabad. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, encircled by stunning natural landscapes. For most people, it’s the best city in Pakistan to begin exploring the country. The town is between Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab Provinces.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (often abbreviated to KPK) is a tourist hotspot for adventurers and explorers. The province includes a varied landscape, from rugged mountains to valleys, hills, and dense agricultural farms. Punjab is thought of for its ancient cultural heritage further as its nonsecular diversity.

Islamabad attracts people from everywhere in the country, giving it a combination of cultures. Most of the people living in the capital of Pakistan are well educated, giving the town an additional Western feel.

Like the culture, the food in Pakistan’s capital is also a combination of cuisines, principally coming back from KPK and Punjab, making it the best city in Pakistan.


If one of the items you like concerning traveling is attempting new food, then the city is the place to travel. Karachi is Pakistan’s thickly settled town and main economic center, and it controls Pakistan’s primary securities market and hosts the top offices of the country’s leading firms.

Significant investments within the IT sector are driving Karachi’s growth and have turned the town into a hub for info and communication. Karachi is additionally called Pakistan’s transportation hub because it has the two biggest seaports and, therefore, the busiest airport in the country.

Karachi is the best city to live in Pakistan, providing a touch of the long-run direction of contemporary life in Pakistan. More significant numbers of non-Muslim non secular community area units settled in the city than in alternative towns in Pakistan.

Karachi’s inhabitants are a cosmopolitan population composed of many teams from all components of Pakistan. Many people also migrated from nearby countries, creating the city’s population as a melting pot.

Everyday life in the city feels different from that in alternative towns in Pakistan. Karachi’s culture mixes geographical regions, Central Asian, South Asian, and Western influences. Karachi is thought of as the town of lights for all the right reasons. If you withdraw at three am, you’ll still realize all the restaurants serving delicious native food further because of the far-famed chai.

If you like looking, the city may be the most spartan town in Pakistan for you. As a result of it’s the country’s economic hub, you’ll realize things like materials, handicrafts, machinery, etc., from all around Pakistan here, further as from several alternative components of the globe.

Because the city is found on the coast, it’s a comparatively gentle climate with low precipitation levels. Most rain happens throughout the July-August monsoon season. Winters are mild in Karachi, but summers are sweltering. Thus, the winter months (November to February) are usually the best time to visit the city.


If you like history and culture, then Lahore is among the best cities in Pakistan. Lahore, the capital town of the Punjab Province, is the second-largest town in Pakistan, and it’s called the cultural capital of Pakistan. Lahore includes a long and illustrious history, having served as the capital of many empires and the Shahi, Mughal, and Sikh.

Lahore is packed with history, culture, and tradition; however, it further includes a giant fashionable facet. The style of architecture of the metropolis is a mixture of trendy and recent. The center of a municipality is the walled or middle. On the other hand, you have recently developed areas like DHA and Bahria Town.

Lahore is additionally far-famed for its food. Chicken Karahi, BBQ, Nihari, Paaye, Pulao, and Tawa Piece are a number of the far-famed dishes valued here. Another far-famed issue to do is Nankhatai, a sort of cookie from Khalifa Bakers.


Multan is thought because the town of Saints is a result of its heap of mausoleums of Sufi Saints from the past. It is far-famed for its distinctive design, Sufi music, parks, and historic buildings. Multan is a motivating mixture of Sufi reminiscences, historical battles, folk management, and commerce.

It is one of the oldest cities within the Indian landmass. Since 3300 BCE, Multan has seasoned various hands, allegedly starting with Hindu rule. Then, encountering Greek infiltration facilitates a protracted era of Muslim customs. It is influenced by mysticism within the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

Multan is currently an outstanding part of Punjab. Guests everywhere in the country and outdoors visit the city’s various sacred sites, tombs, and mosques. The city is one of the best cities in Pakistan. Multan is found virtually within the center of Punjab, however conjointly shortly from Sindh, creating it wealthily in culture and tradition influenced by each side.

From Multan, you’ll visit Bahawalpur, a town far-famed for its carpets, embroidery, and pottery. From this city- you’ll check up on the Noor Mahal palace, the Sadiq Garh Palace, and, therefore, the Bahawalpur Library.

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