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Top 4 Lakes in Gilgit Baltistan to visit in 2022 – Pakistan Guide

Lakes in Gilgit Baltistan

It is troublesome to explain the sweetness and serenity of some places on earth in a very written kind, as a result, they need been therefore superbly and astonishingly designed by the nature. The distinctiveness and beauty of those areas will solely be old by really visiting the areas and taking a better look at Lakes in Gilgit Baltistan. Though some might take into account it lunacy or madness to depart the comforts and facilities of home and suffer the bitterness of nature, for me, it’s the best place to search out for peace. 

Lakes in Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit-Baltistan is blessed by God with natural beauty on each side, like the mightiest mountain ranges of the globe, high altitude plains as well as evergreen beauty. However, the lakes in Gilgit-Baltistan have their own mesmeric beauty. Having bird’s-eye views these lakes are being visited by travelers from everywhere over the globe. Gilgit Baltistan is home to more than 6000 lakes. There are thousands of glacial lakes not explored nonetheless. 

Check out the following Lakes in Gilgit Baltistan.

Phander Lake

Phander Lake is a Lake set within the majestic Phander valley of Ghizer District in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The Lake is a crucial supply of water and trout fish, fed by the Ghizer stream and settled on the Gilgit-Chitral Road.

Locally referred to as Nango Chatt, the forty-four meters deep crystal-clear water of the lake is stuffed with grass and plants simply visible from a distance. The lake is enclosed by poplar trees that additionally boost the complete beauty. The curvy lake is sandwiched between two ridges that make a scenic read of the complete valley and also the lake itself. One finish of the lake is closed and also the difference is that the major supply of water passage from the stream that keeps the lake water contemporary.

It’s one of the most beautifulLakes in Gilgit Baltistan that offers bird’s-eye views in four distinct seasons. It’s the major attraction of tourists within the region. The western ridge of the lake incorporates a government building whereas the jap ridge incorporates a tiny small of PTDC motels providing the best views of the lake and also the valleys downstream.

Attabad Lake

The Attabad Lake in Hunza, on the most Karakoram route, is an attractive lake and a significant traveler attraction. it absolutely was created as a result of a colossal landslide in 2010. The incident claimed precious human lives and properties showing a doomsday at the time of incidence, however, the complete state of affairs modified over time and unfastened a variety of opportunities within the region. The lake has attained a good name and already placed itself as a number one traveler hotspot drawing a mess of tourists as usual.

The Attabad Lake is located nineteen kilometers east of Karimabad, Hunza, in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. it’s settled on the Karakoram route, the trade artery connecting China with Pakistan. The lake is a hundred and twenty kilometers from Gilgit and might be accessed in regarding three hours.

Today, Attabad Lake is a favorite traveler attraction. It makes a detailed border on a nineteen-kilometer section of the KKH permitting tourists to possess multi-dimensional views of the lake from many viewpoints. The series of long tunnels, bridges with scenic views, as well as are providing tourists with water sports opportunities are the foremost attractions and give every walker joyous expertise.

Local individuals have currently begun to modify homes and businesses whereas investments are being created to create new infrastructure to draw in and cater to tourists. There are many gorgeous views of the environment, notably of Passu Cones, from the Lake whereas the view of the Lake from the highest of encompassing valleys and mountains is merely outstanding.

Attabad Lake is accessible year-round because it is set on the most KKH that continually remains open. New developments every year build additional engagement and draw a lot of tourists than ever before.

Khalti Lake

Named when the beguiling village of Khalti, settled on the bank of Ghizer stream, the Khalti Lake in Ghizer District of Gilgit-Baltistan is an outstanding lake. The lake is an illustrious traveler attraction partially enclosed by lush inexperienced terraced fields and a line and partially bordered by the chain of mountains.

Khalti Lake was the stretch of the stream close to the village of Khalti. It is one of the best lakes in Pakistan that portrays picturesque views altogether four seasons. Throughout the spring season, the Khalti village, creating the western bank of the lake, all magnificently blooms; summers. The lake is surrounding a good retreat and is impressive with lush inexperience, fall is the most colorful and romantic season around the lake.

The turquoise-colored Lakes in Gilgit Baltistan are a crucial supply of water. Khalti Lake is pr in native trout fish then is that the entire Ghizer stream. Originally, the trout were injected into the stream close to the westmost Golaghmuli Village. It will increase in numbers and reaches virtually every part of Gupis valley. 

The lake has nice potential for water sports. The native individuals and also the business department of Gilgit-Baltistan organize totally different sports activities most of the year for the area people.

Rama Lake

With an altitude of 3800 meters, the ice softens Rama Lake is one every of the illustrious and high-altitude lakes set right higher than Rama Meadows Lakes in Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan. The lake is enclosed by mountain peaks ye the immediate surroundings of the lake are unlimbered thanks to extralegal work however the Rama Meadows at 3300m are thickly wooded with large trees as well as pine, cedar, fir, and juniper.

Rama Lake is one of the key attractions drawing a major range of domestic and international tourists every season.  Rama valley/meadow and Rama Lake are the must-visit traveler attractions for the guest’s motion to or from Deosai. The lake is visited as a day excursion from Lakes in Gilgit Baltistan. A perfect itinerary sometimes includes Fairy Meadows, Rama, Deosai, and Skardu for a week-long tour. to create even a lot of tasteful, Gilgit and Hunza may be added to the program.