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10 Best Places In Hunza Valley – Pakistan Guide

Best Places In Hunza Valley

Majestic and Serene, Best Places in Hunza valley offers you an intoxicating mixture of stunning and high landscapes, historical forts, and flower farms made in organic food. You’ll have glimpses into Chinese culture, mind-blowing native food, as well as undiluted snow-clad peaks, within Northern Pakistan’s destination might simply become a life-lasting affair if you are doing one factor. Book your tour package in one of the best Hunza tour packages and explore the attractive destination that dots the region.

Best Places In Hunza Valley

Planned your Hunza trip and packed your baggage already? Let the ride begin. to assist you, we’ve sorted a number of the perfect places to go to in Hunza valley in no specific order. Hunza is one of the stunning holidaymaker destinations within the northern areas of Pakistan in Gilgit Baltistan. Here are some of the 10 Best places in Hunza valley.

  1. Ondra Fort
  2. Khunjerab Pass
  3. Borith Lake
  4. Hussani Bridge
  5. Attabad Lake
  6. Baltit fort
  7. Duiker Hunza valley
  8. Duikar Eagle Nest
  9. Passu Cones
  10. Karimabad Bazaar Hunza

Ondra Fort

Ondra fort is found on a twenty-five mints hike from Gulmit. Ondra fort is one of the stunning attractions in Hunza. For the additional energy, be to the location of the Ondra fort Gulmit and walk across the Ghulkin/black ice mass to Borith lake (three hours trip together with a hike of twenty-five minutes). These places to superb and tourists should embody Ondra Fort Gulmit in their tour and decide on the Best places in Hunza valley.

Khunjerab Pass

Located on three hour’s drive from Karimabad, Hunza Khunjerab Pass is a high location on the northern border of Pakistan with the Republic of China at n elevation of virtually 15528 feet higher than the ocean level. The Khunjerab Pass within the world and also the highest border crossing in the world and also the highest purpose on the chain road. Moreover, the world’s highest ATM is also at Khunjerab Pass.

Borith Lake

Borith Lake is found on thirty mints drive from Attaabad lake. This is often a peaceful and quiet place. It’s the most effective place in Hunza for those who need to require rest out from a busy standard of living. There are white ice masses and black Glaciers with regards to this stunning lake 25 to 30 minutes drive as well as one1 to 3 hours walk. It’s the Best places in Hunza valley. Borith Lake is the best campground in Hunza.

Moreover, this place is one of the most effective habitation sites in Hunza, a go-to spot for birds looking at the community. If you’re visiting it between march to June, you may bear witness to the wonderful and impressive migration of thousands of ducks from South to North.

Hussani Bridge

Hussani Bridge is found on thirty mints drive from Attaabad lake. Hussani Bridge is consisting of four hundred steps from one finish to the opposite finish of the bridge. The bridge is secure and safe however chilling for a few folks. However, precautions are to be taken once crossing the Hussani bridge because it remains a risk to fall accidentally. This is often the foremost visited destination in Hunza.

Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is found in Shiskat valley in Hunza and it’s thirty minutes drive from Karimabad Hunza. Attabad Lake is spellbinding in an exceedingly approach it’s going to take your breath away! Tourists will get pleasure from water travel and jet skiing on Attabad Lake. The posh hotels also are obtainable at Attabad Lake. Luxury Glamping resorts and Luxus Hunza also are on Attabad Lake. Attabad Lake is the most beautiful and Best places in Hunza valley.

Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is an ancient fort that was designed virtually 700 years ago. The fort is found in an awfully Majestic and exquisite place in Hunza valley. Counted amongst the oldest forts in Hunza natural depression, Baltit fort boasts of an upscale past and history of the legends living once with it. Moreover, prince Agha khan stayed at this fort throughout the visit to Hunza. Fort named when the folks of Baltistan, therefore, it’s known as Baltit fort. These days the fort is the location of the highest Bazaar and one of the Best places in Hunza valley. You’ll get pleasure from majestic views of the environment from this fort.

Duiker Hunza valley

A sporting place in Hunza valley, Duiker is the viewpoint of the entire valley. The pristine viewpoint is peppered with snow-clad peaks. Birds and cliffs augment its splendid beauty. It’s additionally one in every one of the places for eagles nesting sites additionally called eagles nest, which supplies you all the one reasons to go to Hunza valley Duiker.

Duikar Eagle Nest

Duiker “Eagle nest” is found in Altit with its elevation close to ten thousand feet. The village offers scenic views of the eighth surprise of the planet chain high approach, Golden peak, Rakaposhi, Ultra, as well as snow-covered peaks Hiking to eagle nest may be terrific and intimate expertise the sunset and sunrise may be a sight to lay eyes on. The eagle nest is found on thirty mints drive from Karimabad Bazaar Hunza.

Passu Cones

Located on thirty mints drive from Attaabad lake Pass Cones is the most scenic and exquisite holidaymaker destination to go to in Hunza, The saw-toothed peaks of pass Cones are terribly enticing. Passu may be a peaceful city in Hunza encircled by these splendid mountains and with the watercourse flowing through it. Ice mass and their watercourse ran into. Pass may be a good spot to run, trek, hike, and photograph.

Karimabad Bazaar Hunza

Karimabad is one of the best points for tourists in Hunza valley. If you’re visiting Hunza valley then wander the traditional cobbled streets of Karimabad and support native businesses by getting some handicrafts and a few alternative native products.

It’s forever nice to explore the culture of places you’re visiting. Karimabad’s native market contains a heap of things to explore. You’ll pay hours visiting retailers, you may see tons of wonderful handicrafts, gemstones, antiques, native jewelry, and dresses.

The bazaar additionally has little low retailers that each holidaymaker love visiting the Best places in Hunza valley. You’ll simply sit back, relax, and revel in your low while seeing the breathtaking views of the Hunza Mountains Don’t forget to get some handicrafts for your wanted ones back home. You’ll additionally purchase something for yourself to feature in your collection.