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Best places to visit in Islamabad | Pakistan Guide

Best places to visit in Islamabad

Creating beauty and protective cultural heritage are the major goals for any diligent urban planner, and few capitals round. There are very few capitals that provide the same things in a single frame and the best places to visit in Islamabad. The culture and the new with spectacular neck-craning wonders. Pakistan’s capital Islamabad but has some legitimate swagger to boast concerning. Gorgeous pyramidic mosques share the inexperienced cityscape, dotted with quiet and family-friendly parks, and avant-garde markets. However, there’s no surprise that Pakistan’s pride gets on the arena for being the second most stunning capital within the world, it offers numerous attractions and the Best places to visit in Islamabad.

Best places to visit in Islamabad

For many fresh-off, plane travelers, the absence of skyscrapers and electric-flashing districts ought to be a sigh of relief. Islamabad’s historical sites not solely chronicle Pakistan’s development as a nation since its formation in 1947 providing distinctive insight into the cultural diversity of Pakistani folks.

List of Best places to visit in Islamabad

The Pakistan Monument

Located in the Shakarparian forest-covered hills commanding the town, the Pakistan Monument stands as a petal-closed flower, curving its pointed granite blocks towards the sky as sports players embrace one another before a game. Moreover, this harmonic convergence also symbolizes Pakistan’s national unification and mutual folks.

File:Pakistan monument 7.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

In addition, the four connection petals are also representing Pakistan’s major provinces – Balochistan, Punjab, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, and Sindh whereas the shorter petals indicate Pakistan’s territories – specifically Azad geographic region, and Gilgit Baltistan.

Ensconced on, the top of the foundation was created of marble, the flag-waving structure allowing a picturesque bird-like view of the capital. Moreover, the monument offers a wax sculpture exhibit, a representational process of the country’s arduous endeavor in winning independence.

LokVirsa Museum

Five minutes by foot from the Pakistani monument, there is a LokVirsa museum, which means “place of peoples heritage,”. It is another stunning exhibit illustrating the culture of Pakistani folks. Operating unitedly with United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, the museum owes its outstanding maintenance and artifacts to the organization’s donations.

File:'Pakistan'-Lok Virsa Museum- Islamabaad @ibneazhar Sep 2016 (7).jpg -  Wikimedia Commons

Displaying items of pottery, art, spiritual statues, and musical instruments, relics the museum takes you on a pleasing practice in a doors garden. However, escorting you through the galleries of Buddhist and Sufi shrines analysis back to antiquity.

Faisal masjid

Recognized as one of the Best Places to visit in Islamabad in travel photography, the Faisal Masjid holds one of all Islam’s most divine places of worship because it stretches on top of an expanse of 5000 sq. meters. Along with this, flanked with four high spires on each corner, the sacred temple stands as a lighted beacon from any vantage across town.

Faisal Masjid Islamabad | Taken with my two rules for classi… | Flickr

Accommodating nearly 1 / 4 million to worship, the modern-looking surprise is placed at the muse of the Margalla hills. Furthermore, in an elaborate way carved mosaics of marble and in close patterns droop from the tented ceiling within the prayer space holding over 10,000 people. Moreover, there is also a huge prayer space is for the primary lecture hall furthermore as a library, eating place, and a restaurant.

Margalla hills and Daman-e-Koh Park

File:Damn-e Koh Park in Islamabad.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The unsmooth forest-covered tract of the Margalla vary leading up to a range of mountains is visible around Islamabad. Moreover, it is usually traversed by vista-seeking enthusiasts. Walking up the paths allows you to see a number of the range’s torrential life. Meaning “foothills” in the ancient Persian language, Daman-e-Koh may be a spectacular scene purpose within the Margalla hills. One will get a bird’s eye view of Islamabad and also the picturesque Faisal musjid on the horizon.

Saidpur Village

Saidpur - a monument to peaceful coexistence | Shehr | thenews.com.pk

If you’re trying to find a country earthy break from Islamabad’s glitzy malls and bazaars, Saidpur village may be a great spot to expertise authentic village life. It indicates the pure life of a twenty-first-century metropolis. Winding through the square-roofed village in a value of the Margalla hills, one will visit a Hindu temple and a Sikh gurdwara. Feel free to vagabond the mellow gravelly streets as kids run and greet. Along with this, round the ancient design and residents enjoying sitars relish the town’s ancient manner.

Moreover, high-quality restaurants like Des Pardes and DeraPakhtoon provide you with sizzling plates of spicy chicken masala while gazing upon a range of mountains foothills.

Rawal Lake

Sun Set @ Rawal Lake View Park Islamabad | Abeer J. Chaudhri | Flickr

Flowing down from the Margalla hills, the Korang watercourse pours into the Rawal lake. It offers a scenic reservoir within the Malpur village district of Islamabad. Reticulate around its perimeter are gardens with picnic spots below shady groves as well as quiet ways to saunter with favored ones. Furthermore, taking paddles and motorboats out on the lake are the best activities for families and friends.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves

File:Shah Allah Ditta Caves 3.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Interestingly there are several haunted places to go to in Islamabad. However, crowned head Allah Ditta Caves are one in all of them. It’s one of the simplest places to go to in Islamabad. Allah Ditta Caves, a historical place set at the foothills of Margalla mustn’t be incomprehensible. Keep in consideration, the village set close to the caves is more than 700 years old serving as a route connecting the capital of Afghanistan and Gandharan town. As for the caves, historians claim that the caves are around 2400 years previous. The caves are the same to be relics of the Buddhist era, the Aurangzeb amount and also the Hindu amount. If you wish to relish the sunset in Islamabad, seek this place.

Currently, the caves are become a pleasant cozy spot wherever folks return, munch on pakoras & chai, and hear soothing music. However, if you’re a brave person explore the deserts in West Pakistan.

Islamabad Club

Islamabad Club has turned into money making machine: Audit Report -  Islamabad Scene

If you’re hoping to urge some rest and recreation, head towards a member at the stylish Islamabad club. Enjoy swimming, court game, and reading books. This area is the spot for the ministry of presidency officers and foreign diplomats. However, the Islamabad club offers a fusion vogue buffet of world cookery with luxurious hotel-like suites.


Centaurus Islamabad Prices, photos, reviews, address. Pakistan

Centaurus Mall in Islamabad is one of the best shopping malls in Pakistan. It’s additionally the primary mall in Islamabad. From local and international brands to a banging food court, Centaurus has you all.  Along with brands, the mall additionally contains a play space, a food court as well as best cinema in Islamabad.

It was all about some of the best and Best places to visit in Islamabad. If you are traveling to this beautiful city, you must add all the above places to your bucket list.

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