Rush Lake is the highest alpine rush lake in Pakistan. It’s at an elevation of 4,694m (15,400 ft) on top of the water level. If you made the decision to explore the Nagar region, Rush Lake ought to be one of your must-see places. Rush Lake is found in Nagar valley and offers a chance to trek on the glaciers and witness a few of the very best peaks of Mustagh.

Rush Lake

Trek problem

Rush Lake Trek’s problem is Medium to exhausting reckoning on a person’s fitness level and experience of trekking. Since the trek needs crossing multiple glaciers It’s not safe to try and do it while not a guide. Intimate with traveler will complete the whole trek in four days however is incredibly difficult. With the exception of providing the read of Pakistan’s highest alpine lake, Rush lake Pakistan trek offers the views of Hispar Muztagh and other mountains visible around the lake. Many of us summit the frenzy Pari Peak or Rush Peak (5098m) to urge a peek at Godwin Austen and the different mountains of the chain of mountains and Hispar Lake. The sight from the mountain high is superb and is well worth the climb!

The Rush Lake

The lake stays frozen throughout the winters as a result of the encircling mountains and peaks remain natural covering even within the summers. Solely some of the tourists will manage to achieve heaven on the planet within the winters. Harsh climatic conditions, robust trekking treks, and snowy roads create it nearly not possible to urge there. 

Five-day trekking of Rush lake Pakistan is spare for rising up to the frenzy Pari Peak basecamp. The trek is rough and difficult, nonetheless, a number of the patches are extremely picturesque and luxurious. Once reaching the lake, its spellbinding beauty, and splendeur, the tourists are beguiled by the breath-taking scenery at such an elevation, which cannot describe within the words, however, may feel solely by memory. it’s really heaven on the planet.

There is a recommendation for the tourists to hold many water bottles, and spare food. The preferred approach could be tin-packed food as a result of preparation could be a far-fetched plan in unplanned weather. What is more than a stove along with a cylinder, woolen garments like jackets, mufflers, hats, pull-overs, gloves, socks, etc? 

Day one Trek to Bericho Kor

The first day of the Rush lake Pakistan trek is over the 2 ice masses- the Bualtar glacier and the Barpu glacier. The ascend, descent, and uncovering of the route take tons of energy and time. It’ll take an intimate traveler five hours to achieve the primary camping ground at Bericho (3,300 m). The camping ground is found by the Barpo ice mass and Miar ice mass. 

After crossing the primary (Hoper) ice mass, the highest plane is termed the Shishkin camping area (not a preferred stop), fresh is accessible and thanks to its height, you may be able to get SCOM signals. 

Day two to Chidin Harai

The second day of the trek is sort of half a dozen hours. All of this trek could be a terribly steep climb and troublesome. The camping ground is at Chidin Harai (4,440m) which is found in a stunning hayfield with superb views of the impressive Mustagh mountains. Visible on a transparent day from Childin Harai. Many people stop and camp here particularly if the steep climb takes all day. intimate with trekkers could be able to continue forward to achieve Rush Lake camp there.

Day three Trek to Rush Lake

The third day is when the final ascend from Chidin Harai to Rush Lake. The hike is slow elevation and three hours trek. Once you reach the highest, Rush Lake is visibly enclosed by epic mountain ranges and a few of the very best peaks of the globe. Camp and luxuriate in the superb lake and also the stunning mountains that surround you. 

Day four 

On the fourth day towards Rush lake Pakistan, take the total day to fancy the superb lake and rest otherwise you can continue your trek to summit Rush Pari Peak. You’ll conjointly descend back to the camping ground at Phahi Phari. If you select to Summit Rush Pari Peak, you may be rewarded with a number of the foremost superb views. Visible from the apex of Rush Pari Peak ar Distaghil Sar, Kunyang Chhish 7,823 meters (25,666 ft), Biafo ice Glacier Hisper Lake, Laila Peak. 

Return from the Trek

You return back from Rush lake may be an identical route as you came from or take a replacement route that takes you thru a unique and sporting route that needed crossing the Mair ice mass and toward the Hamdar Meadows. The treks are going to be descendant slopes therefore make certain to hold your trekking pole. 

The trek from Rush lake to Phahi Pari is steep over rocky boulders. The trek is a four-hour trek until you reach the Phahi Pari Camp situated on the Mair ice mass.

The next part of the trek is over the Mar. The primary half is on ice mass ground that goes more to the white ice mass. Large crevasses and streams create this a part of the trek terribly technical and that we can complete as a cluster at the side of porters and guides to assist you to cross the streams and crevasses.

Once you cross the ice glacier, you hop on a little path at the side of the mountains. It’s a path that’s a few feet on top of the ice mass crevasses visible below. The path goes to Hamdar Meadows. It’s one of the attractive camping areas with a tremendous read of the glaciers and mountains all around.

From the Hamdar camping area, a really scenic and simple hike goes towards Hapakun valley and Huru Harai. It’s the last habitation day. Use the day to celebrate and relax and luxuriate in the exciting read. The last day of the trek is going to achieve Shishkun then crossing the somebody ice mass and hiking back to the valley.