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Top 10 Best Places in Eid ul Adha Holidays


Eid ul Adha, an Eid of sacrifice, is celebrated on the tenth of Zill Hajj of the Islamic calendar. The event has the major tremendous significance within the lifetime of any Muslim because it shows the devotion of the Prophet to the Almighty to sacrifice his most cuddlesome factor in his manner. As the month of Ramadan comes to a close, we are all preparing for the celebration of Best Places in Eid ul Adha.

Eid lasts for three days and besides days of playacting pilgrimage. Muslims slaughter their animals distributed equally among relatives, the poor, and acquaintances. Additionally, it embodies the values of discipline and self-denial, and submitting to the desire of God.

Festivals celebrated in the northern areas are a double treat for the children and family. Eid holidays in northern areas became additional feverish and thrilling once paid on the hill station. Northern regions are invariably preferred holidaymaker destinations due to pleasant weather; individuals love tranquility and serenity within the lap of earth. 

Top 10 Best Places in Eid ul Adha Holidays

Notably, Naran Kaghan, Murree, and different elements of Gilgit Baltistan are desirable places. Pakistan is a particularly great country that’s packed with astonishment and scenic views wherever you discover heaven within the pictures of Lake Saif ul Malook in Naran, the cold breeze of Babusar prime, chilly weather of Khaplu to the delicate downfall of Swat, roaring and whirling waterfalls of Neelum, the plush inexperienced meadows of Shogran and Siri withholding tax to the steep slopes of Nanga Parbat. 

List of Best Places in Eid ul Adha Holiday

Furthermore, the colors of Hunza can never be found in the other region. There’s nothing uncomprehensible on this Eid ul Adha that causes you to feel happy. Moreover, Eid-ul-Adha may be a joyous occasion marked by family traditions and celebrations. Let’s discuss some of the best places to visit during Eid ul Adha.

Naran Kaghan 

There is a speedy increase in the quality of Naran Kaghan Tours due to the holidaymaker finding a heaven on earth. Naran Kaghan is located in the Manshera district of KPK. Line of work it paradise won’t be wrong to mention. The significant creation of the Creator is seen in the variety of Malika e Parbat Mountains and chain of mountains, and in between these large, the wonder lies. The recent cold breeze of Babusar prime that crossed by the mountains, then Kunhar stream with its astonishing beauties, the crystal blue water of Lulusar Lake is fantastic. 

Tour to Naran Kaghan is incomplete while not witnessing the wonder of Lake Saif ul Malook. The Lake is enclosed by magnificent snow-layered mountains and plush inexperienced grass. Furthermore, the fragrance of recent flowers and funky breeze surrounds the world. Naran Kaghan is one of the beautiful places to visit during the Eid ul Adha holidays.

Bhurban, Murree

 Bhurban- Murree is mirrored in its beauty and scenery that mesmerizes each person traveling there. This superb location is simply seventy-two kilometers away from the national capital and stands high at 6,000 ft. higher than the water level. This gorgeous hill station is legendary for its views and is home to multiple resorts.

Pearl Continental Bhurban is one of the top-visited resorts in the country. This hill station is an excellent place for you on Eid, with cool temperatures and scenery to recollect.


The extreme north of Pakistan accommodates marvels in its lap, and Skardu is one among them. Moreover, Skardu is the foremost preferred destination for climbers and trekkers. It hosts many lovely and sumptuous places that cause you to bewitch; the natural valley of Khaplu is gorgeous with the curvy road shaded with tall trees. The floating Indus River, together with the splendid Kachura lakes between the mighty giants, is prepared to solidify a spell on you with its dynamic beauty. The wonders of the Shigar cold Desert and the big fantastic thing about Deosai park are marvelous and thrilling at the same time.

Clifton Beach, Karachi

Clifton beach is one of the foremost widespread beaches in Pakistan because its location is right within the thick of town. Clifton beach is another best place to visit in Pakistan. It is usually jam-packed, particularly during the Eid holidays, once individuals see to beat the warmth and soak in the breeze. 

Besides the fucking waves and sandy beach, there also are multiple recreational activities. Due to these activities, Clifton beach makes for a perfect spot for families. Artiodactyl rides, horse rides, motorcars, and street food are simply some of the various stuff you will notice on Clifton beach in a metropolis.

Port Gwadar

 Port Gwadar is one of the best places to visit on Eid in Pakistan. This searching and food leisure spot is one of Karachi’s prime spots for an honest trip. Not solely do they provide an excellent style of food but conjointly a number of the simplest diversion choices similarly.

The location is made aboard the ocean, making for a stunning sight throughout the day and during hours of darkness. Due to its wealthy activities and beguiling vibes, Port Gwadar metropolis may be a crowd favorite for individuals to go to on Eid. 

Lake View Park, Islamabad

Lake View Park is a far-famed holidaymaker place in the national capital designed parallel to Rawal Lake in the national capital. This family park has recreational activities that guarantee a fun time not just for the children but also for adults. The Park has various electronic rides, swings, boats (to ride), and paddleboats. Additionally, to the present, it conjointly incorporates a dedicated F1 athletics track, creating it everyone’s favorite Eid destination. Because of these vigorous activities within the Park, Lake views Park comes around joined of the best places to go to on Eid in Pakistan


Azad Kashmir is a part of Pakistan with many fantastic places to go during Eid, and tourists get drawn to its astonishing landscapes. You’ll even have a read of the opposite aspect of Kashmir, that is, Jammu’s geographical area and falls beneath the Indian Territory.

In Azad Kashmir, beautiful places are Neelum valley, which is celebrated due to Neelum river, Gagai, Sardari, Ratti Gali, Jam Garh, Kail Phawai, Pir Chinasi, Banjosa Lake, Pergola body of water, Arang Kel, Jari Kas Park, Toli Pir. These are the main spots to go to in Azad geographical area.


Hunza has fascinating places that can’t be described in words. Moreover, Hunza valley is a significant holidaymaker spot in Gilgit Baltistan and has a robust historical background. The fantastic thing about Hunzais spell bounding in winters and is double in spring due to the colors of spring can never be found in different regions of Pakistan. There are several spots in Hunza for the traveler to embrace the wonder of the natural valley. You may see the Cherry Blossom season in its Royal Garden and witness the season in its colors. Sunset on the Golden Peaks and the read of a mountain peak can cause you to bewitch for moments. The Altit Baltit fort can connect guests to their ancestors.

Nathia Gali, Murree

Nathia Gali is another lovely hill station celebrated among tourists for its practicableness and views. The placement is sealed with many ideal resorts for your keep there, with quality food within the space. Nathia Gali incorporates a large population of pine, cedar, and oak trees, creating a serene and peaceful site to celebrate Eid. Individuals from across the country come back deliberately to celebrate Eid here with friends and family.


Shogran is a widespread destination, virtually a neighborhood six-kilometer from Kaghan valley, the standard for its serenity. The richly inexperienced meadows and field of Shogran can force you to remain and luxuriate in the tranquility, distant from the city. Shogran tour possesses a lovely and well-equipped resort for the holidaymaker. Quite another near beautiful place is Siri withholding tax. You may be overwhelmed with the horse ride there, a marvelous piece of land with a little lake.