There are some spectacular and very tough rock towers around the world, competitors being the toughest to climb. one in all a lot of notes and probably the cluster of peaks that will get the foremost votes for being the toughest is the Trango Tower Peaks. There are two main summits within the central a part of the group- nice Trango Tower (6286m) and Tower (6230m) a.k.a. simply Trango Tower.

The Trango Tower valley is the foremost spectacular alpine mountain climbing valley within the world,” says Kelly Cordes, Associate Nursing mountaineer with initial ascents in Alaska, Patagonia, and on the Trango Tower.

Great Trango Tower has 3 routes straight up the E/NE face and a handful of alpine routes on the point and W sides of the height. The tower has been climbed via several routes, and all are situated on its faces. It’s aforementioned the standard of the granite is incredibly smart on each of the most peaks moreover as on the lesser peaks within the space.

Trango Tower was initially climbed in 1977 by Galen Rowell, there isn’t any potential for free climbing; this is often a desirable and attractive place with immense granite rock towers reaching thousands of feet high, dropping right down to the churning earth of the Dunge and Trango glaciers.

The route is a mixture of snow and ice and therefore the accent is of moderate grade, with some lower angle rock sections, this is often an incredible thanks to reaching the summit of Trango and anonymous.

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