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Musa Ka Musalla – Pakistan Guide

Musa Ka Musalla

The peak at an altitude of 4080 meters is out and away from the foremost peaceful, comparatively accessible meditation for hermits. This peak noted as MKM within the trekking circles is at the top of Siren vale in Shinkyari, Mansehra District. Going over the height we’d find yourself at Balakot. Musa Ka Musalla pics, photos, and videos are just wonderful.

Musa Ka Musalla

If I were to decide on a reputation for this mountain, I’d have named it Makra rather than genus Musa Ka Musalla. It definitely deserves the name Makra quite the height with this name within the opposite vale across Kunhar stream thanks to the considerable spider-like structure it’s. Ridges return from all directions and converge close to Musalla summit giving it a form just about of a spider.

The name interprets Moses’ Mat which has completely different stories related to it. Whereas some belief it to be named once a neighborhood shepherd with the name of genus Musa who pray at the height here, some even attribute it to the prophet Moses. There’s a little flat structure created of completely different stones and marked with colorful flags of the sort one finds all told the shrines of this region. On a transparent day, musa ka musala weather offers exciting broad views of the whole space and surroundings.

Best time to go to 

The best time to try and do this trek is from June to mid-September Sep. Some teams conjointly try it in winters in harsh conditions as a winter survival expedition. Like the opposite treks of the region, porter rates don’t seem to be already outlined and would need to be negotiated. Porters would charge on per day basis.

Possible ways to achieve Musa Ka Musalla

There are several attainable choices to achieve Musa Ka Musalla. It is accessed from each Kaghan and Siran valleys. Trekkers are victimization four basic routes to access the genus Musa Ka Musalla Pakistan that are delineated below…

From Mandakucha/Jacha village: One will reach here through Mansehra/Shinkiari. Transport is accessible from Mansehra for Mandakucha and the road goes through Jabori and takes around 2-3 hours. One can even rent a Hiace van or an automobile that may be preoccupied to Jacha village. Porters is taken from Mandakucha village. From the place to begin, the trek to the highest of Musalla takes 8-10 hours. One will camp at Bikhi or Khori on the approach that area unit 4-5 and 6-7 hours of trek from Mandakucha severally.

From Naddi Bangla: One will reach Naddi Bangla from Balakot on an automobile road that comes through Hangrai and takes around some hours. The building here is principally accustomed monitor the forest and isn’t in an exceedingly excellent condition. The road is metaled up to Hangrai and a bit on the far side once that a left flip takes one to an automobile solely road. For Musa Ka Musalla Pakistan.

The disadvantage of a loader automobile is the lack of correct sitting house and sometimes you have got to pay for the journey that standing within the open roof automobile that is kind of a journey in itself. It’s suggested to require the automobile fewer kilometers ahead to an area referred to as Kachal Katha from wherever the trek is started. 

Bagheera Meadows

From Kund Bangla / sufferer Pani: There are forest rest homes in each of the places and they are reached via Masehra/Shinkiari. This can be the longest route in terms of walking distance however is a smaller amount agitated in terms of abruptness. Jeeps take 3-4 hours from Shinkiari to achieve Kund wherever one will reside forest building for the night. From Kund, a 3-4 hours trek will take one to Shaheedpani wherever there’s another building. 

From Shaheehpani, one will reach Shaddal Gali/Thandi Gali in 4-5 hours on a comparatively flat parcel of land wherever the path returning from Naddi Bangla joins in. From the Gali, the summit of Musalla is reached in 2-3 hours. In all, the entire trek from Kund Bagla to Musalla peak takes 10-12 hours.

From Sharan: Sharan is a stunning wooded place that may be reached from Kaghan on a vehicle. There’s a building and student lodging obtainable at Sharan. This can be the foremost troublesome possibility in terms of abruptness and isn’t usually suggested for reaching the highest. This selection is thought-about but for returning that is all descend and takes around 7-8 hours.

Out of the on top of mentioned choices, Naddi Bangla possibility via Bagheera is the most suggested path in terms of Musa Ka Musalla Pakistan. It’s best to induce the porters organized beforehand because the population is scarce and locals may not be willing to travel at a time of your selection.

My experience with Musa Ka Musalla

On reaching Khori, grab a spot within Shepard’s bungalow created of splinter rock, this tip could be a lifesaver.  It hails nightly and you’d not need to be within a flimsy tent and go in the open once that happens. I was the sole one lively future day for the summit trek as my buddies unbroken exhausting their tents the entire night. Then these high-altitude meadows are an ideal spot for Mother Nature to focus on observing lightning bolts. There was lots of proof of burnt-down pine trees all around.

Then the thick forests underneath the government’s management have predators like mountain cats and brown bears trying around for food and have developed a style for intrusive humans. If that wasn’t enough, there are quite a few outlaws roaming these band lands. I detected quite a few locals finding out their guns through aerial firing.

 No got to panic, if you persist with the native porter guide, these individuals don’t mess with you. The next day we tend to climb at a steep angle towards the height with 2 resting places in between. These pastures gave the look of a scene from medieval Scotland and its meadows, complete with Shepard huts, pristine grass, and high mountains.

There is lots of clear water right along the route thus there’s no got to worry about this account as long as you’re taking ample ORS & Tang with you. The final attack on the summit could be a steep forty-five degrees a minimum. These two hundred meters seem to be an eternity within the rarefied atmosphere.