Must Pack Essentials for Women Travelling in Pakistan

No doubt Pakistan has a perception of being unsafe for women, especially those who wish to travel alone. To a great extent we agree that like any other country, Pakistan too has a higher rate of violence against women. In other words, Pakistan is just as safe for women like any other country, including the developed nations. Therefore, don’t let the notion of an unsafe Pakistan dissuade you from exploring it.

This article will list the 9 must have essentials for women while in Pakistan. We will cover a wide range of essentials ranging from makeup such as an Iconic highlighter to safety equipment. The goal is to create a balance between achieving the perfect appearance and ensuring your safety simultaneously. After all, one can never be too careful, and it is always better to prepare for all sorts of situations. Without further ado, let us start.

1.      Clothes

The first thing you must pack is the right set of clothes. If you are travelling during summers, pack accordingly. If you plan to explore Pakistan during the winters, pack warm clothes, including jackets, thermals, warm gloves, socks, scarfs, and more. Don’t think that you can buy all this after reaching the destination. The strategy can backfire as prices in tourist areas for such products are almost 2x or 3x more than the standard rate. There is always a possibility that you may not even find the required products. So, don’t leave anything to chance and pack all the essential clothing and keep extra pairs.

2.      Hygiene Products

The next to do is pack the essential hygiene products, including sanitary pads (just in case), toilet paper, sanitizers, and perfume. In some areas, you may not have access to water, so having toilet paper and sanitizers will come in handy.

3.      Cosmetics

The right makeup products can help you achieve the perfect appearance. While travelling in Pakistan, carry an Iconic highlighter, sunscreen, lipsticks, mascara, foundation, moisturizers, and lip balm. You can carry other products as per your requirements. You can buy all these products and more at reliable online stores like GuruApp.

4.      Phone Cover & Power Bank

While travelling in Pakistan or elsewhere, always carry a phone cover. The last thing you want is your phone breaking after a fall. As the most stunning places in Pakistan involve some sort of a trek/hike, phone falls are common. Therefore, a phone cover can protect your phone against damage. Lastly, don’t forget about a power bank with at least 20,000 MAh capacity.

5.      Cash

Unfortunately, Pakistan is still a cash-dependent society. There is little to no concept of mobile/online payments, especially in the tourist areas. Therefore, always carry cash. However, don’t put all your cash in one place. It is always better to place cash in different places. In case of theft, you can save yourself from a big loss. Secondly, carry small currency notes. In some cases, the shop owners deliberately increase the prices after seeing a big currency note.

6.      Medication

Don’t forget to pack your essential medication (if any). It is always wise to carry Panadol and travel sickness medication. Lastly, pack a light first aid kit to deal with any emergency.

7.      Light Snacks

Pack light snacks with you whenever you travel, regardless of the distance.

8.      Camera

We admit that mobile phone cameras are quite advanced nowadays. Despite it, they cannot do justice to Pakistan’s beauty. So, if you have a DSLR, bring with you on your trip.

9.      Torch

A torch can help you deal with untoward situations. For instance, when it gets dark during trekking or if the vehicle breaks down in the evening.


It concludes our article on 9 must-have essentials for women while travelling in Pakistan. When travelling, we do recommend bringing along a male companion. If it is not an option, then don’t worry. As we said earlier, Pakistan is as safe for women as any country. If you feel we missed any point, do let us know. Thank you and safe travels.