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Best Places To Visit In KPK – Pakistan Guide

Places To Visit In KPK

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa not only shares its border with Afghanistan but also encompasses a profound influence of its culture on the province, mirrored in its language, dresses, food, and cultural events. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is blessed with breathless beauty, mesmerizing crystal-clear blue lakes, pristine valleys, natural forests, and historical landmarks from the Gandhara civilization. places to visit in KPK in winter.

Pakistan has gained quality as a traveler destination in recent years. Several foreigners and travel enthusiasts currently want to go to Pakistan, which has recently been listed because of the high traveler destination. What is famous about KPK?

It is enclosed by tall inexperienced mountains and cold-water streams that flow through the city. Those who stop every day or two in Abbottabad visit Thandiani, which is thirty-one metric linear units from Abbottabad. Lush pine forests enclose it, and also the weather is bone-chilling cold – thence the name Thandiani. Visiting St. Luke’s Church won’t spoil you if you’re into history. Established within the decennary, the building was installed throughout colonial times. If you want to discover some of the best places to visit in KPK, Pakistan, this blog is for you.

Best Places To Visit In KPK

Kumrat Valley 

Unexplored and well-hidden from the planet, Kumrat valley is one of the most beautiful places to go to in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It’s enclosed by tall, dense pine forests, gushing waterfalls, and refreshing watercourse streams. Placed in higher Dir, Kumrat valley wasn’t open for commercial enterprise due to security considerations. However, the govt of Pakistan has created efforts in commercial transportation enterprise to those areas that were antecedently neglected. 

You will notice this on Dir-Chitral road. It might take roughly four hours from Timergara to succeed in Thall city, wherever you may wish to prevent at the nineteenth-century wood house and explore the beautiful home of Himalayan cedar trees with labyrinthine carvings and careful design. Moreover, before visiting, you must acknowledge the culture of KPK’s famous place for a better experience.

Swat valley 

Swat is a picturesque valley with gushing waters of Swat watercourse cutting through it. You may notice many resorts simply next to Swat watercourse that provide breathless views each at sunrise and sunset. You’ll visit Swat any time of the year; however, most travelers set up a visit throughout the summer season to get pleasure from the refreshing waterfalls and cold watercourse streams.

Also dubbed the East European nation, it’s a delight for international tourists due to the free-flowing rivers, natural waterfalls, gushing watercourse streams, and tall pine trees set against the covering mountains. From the Buddhist stupas, White Palace and Takht-i-Bahi depict rich history to the picturesque blue waters of the Mahodand Lake, the snowy resort at Malam Jabba, and the lush inexperienced meadows and pine forests of Kalam, everything appears right out of a fairytale.


Situated towards the west of watercourse Kunhar, this veritable piece of heaven on earth is close to the bottom of the chain of mountains mountain ranges. Chitral is the famous place of KPK and is understood for its fascinating landscapes, fruit-laden trees, snow-peaked mountains, and plush inexperienced meadows. If you wish to create the foremost of it slow at Chitral, then visit the valley throughout the summer months once you can see fruit-laden trees of cherries, apricots, and pomegranate. 

Chitral is known for its picturesque Kalash valley, wherever you may notice ladies dressed up in the ancient adorned dresses and men with feather caps. In Chitral, alternative places to go to are the enthralling valleys of Broghil and Ayun natural depression. Garam Chashma may be a refreshing watercourse flowing freely through the valley. If you’re a history buff, you shouldn’t miss visiting the Shahi Qila, which is also referred to as Chitral Fort. It had been designed throughout the time once Chitral was a princely state, before partition. It housed the barracks of the guards of the rulers – Mehtars in native terms. 

Naran and Kaghan 

People visiting northern areas visit Naran, Shogran, and Kaghan valley, which is concerning 240 km far from Islamabad. Some picturesque traveler attractions like Siri pay as you earn maybe a mesmeric place with lush inexperienced meadows set against the mountainous scene. 

The particular bit concerning Siri pay as you earn is the floating clouds that patronize a coffee level, wherever you’ll genuinely experience them sort of a ghost. Tourists additionally visit Lake Saif-ul-Malook, 9 km from Naran in Mansehra District, wherever you’ll read the image of Malika Parbat within the blue waters. Another high attraction in Naran is Babusar high, which may be a notch, seventy metric linear units from Naran and connects Thak Nala with Chilas. 

The list doesn’t finish here as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is blessed with unsurmountable beauty and pristine landscapes. Malam Jabba is one such place; however, it’s been developed into a winter destination in recent years, and diverse winter sports activities, events, and festivals come about at Malamjabba Resort.

Malam Jabba 

Malam Jabba is a lovely valley and a resort during the winter season. It’s set within the Hindu Kush Mountains of Sawat valley, placed over 9,000 ft. higher than the water level. The spot offers many of the most effective avenues for skilled and amateur skiers within the region. Throughout winters, it is one of the famous places in KPK. Once the snow is thick and firm, skiers get pleasure from snow conduits, sports, and athletics on high of the snow-covered peak. A handful of 800-meter ski runs and well-maintained pastes provide varied problem levels for amateurs and professionals.

The sports season in Malam Jabba sometimes begins in Jan and ends in March and maybe a significant attraction for tourists visiting Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The resort is accessible via road from Islamabad, which is nearly a 6-hour drive.


Abbottabad may be a transit town in KP, providing scenic views as you continue your journey up northern visit. Abbottabad is a transit city for tourists visiting the areas of the north like Nathiagali and Naran etc.; excluding being a stopover, Abbottabad may be a lovely traveler destination with several traveler spots like Hanoi, which is found eleven kilometers far from the most eye.