Kallar Kahar is one of the foremost standard destinations to pay for vacations or tours with your friends. This place is found twenty-five kilometers (15.5 miles) from Chakwal in the District Chakwal of Punjab, Pakistan because it is a subdivision of the Chakwal District. It’s far-famed for its several tourer attractions and positively its history from the primary Mughal Emperors era. In this article, Exploring Kallar Kahar Places To Visit there.

Kallar Kahar Places To Visit

This place is also placed at the space of a hundred twenty-five kilometers (78 miles) from Rawalpindi. Kallar Kahar is popularly referred to as a result of the Kallar Kahar Lake, also a fantastic read of the Takht-e-Babri and exquisite species of peacocks. Its breath-taking garden views can exclude your heartbeats. Thus, if you’re progressing to visit Kallar Kahar, I have composed an inventory of the best places to visit in Kallar Kahar.


Surrounded by a number of the foremost breathless natural views in the province of Punjab, Kallar Kahar is placed within the Chakwal District. The city of Kallar Kahar is additionally referred to as the “gateway to Soan Valley,” one of the lush valleys of the northern side. Why Kallar Kahar is famous?

When traveling from city to capital of Pakistan, Kallar Kahar falls somewhere within the middle of your journey. You’ll be able to get through the route of the Lahore-Islamabad money motorway. Moreover, there’s an obsessive interchange on the pike for the city of Kallar Kahar, Chakwal, and Punjab. 

The tourist attractions in Pakistan aren’t solely known among natives but additionally international travelers. Also, the touristry Development Corporation of Pakistan (T.D.C.P.) is enjoying an active role in marketing recreation and journey activities within the province. In recent years, it’s planned and made fully-equipped tourer resorts at several destinations around the area and the city of Kallar Kahar. How many lakes are there in Kallar Kahar?

The weather of Kallar Kahar 

Throughout the summer months in Kallar, Kahar will reach up to forty degrees, whereas winter will get bitterly cold with temperatures going below five degrees. So, whenever you’re designing your trip to the present lovely tourer spot in the area, confirm you pack your garments per the season. 

Exploring Kallar Kahar Places To Visit

Sawai Lake

It is six kilometers from Kallar Kahar and so a machine ride of 4km, subsequently the 15min walk to Lake. Swank Lake is one of the beautiful places to visit in Kallar Kahar, and it is 10-kilometer away from Chakwal District, Tehsil Kallar Kahar. The Lake is open for swimming. Swank Lake is considered a known tourer attraction, however, underappreciated. The M-2 pike is about forty minutes from Lake.

The time to go to the realm is from July to August, within the time of year, or from February to March, with the gentle weather and the summer approaching. For newbies, particularly on campsites close to each region, it’s necessary to use caution. Also, keep your food things with you as there aren’t any outlets around.

Molat Fort

The fort is one of the elements of Kallar Kahar. It is twelve km from Kallar Kahar and is designed on a hill in Molat Village. The fort is one of the best places to visit in Kallar Kahar, as it was made in the 12th century by a Janjua Emperor. The fort is made with bright red sandstones and could be a lovely historical place. The traditional Greek and Kashmir vogue two temples also are designed here.


The shrine in Kallar Kahar is found at the highest of the hills that belong to the Abdul Qadir Gillani. This place would even allow you to explore the sweetness of the handstitched antique decoration items. You’ll be able to purchase the written names of God and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.W.) on shells from the memento Stall.

Neela Wahn Lake

It is a natural waterfall and a lake in Kallar Kahar. Waterfalls make the Lake from mountains. The place is enticing because of its lovely lush inexperienced super. One will go hiking, encampment and additionally swimming here. Neela is for blue, and Wahn is for water pool’ however it’s named Neela Wahn. The Lake is twenty-five klick km Chakwal district and is understood as Chashm.ab.e.shifa. Lake isn’t as clean as crystal clear the name it had been given; it all happened because of negligence in maintenance.

Kallar Kahar Park

Next on the list, we’ve got the name of Kallar Kahar Par, that’s a kind of pleasure ground for the youngsters. It’s jammed with swings to create this place as now not tedium for the youngsters.

Katas Raj Temple 

The holiest worshipping place of Hindus in the geographic area, the temple was designed below the Hindu kingdom of Kashmir from the 9th-11th century. People who love history and cultural heritages from totally different eras should return here. It is one of the places to visit in Kallar Kahar. Since there’s a great deal of walking concerned, confirm to wear joggers or any comfortable shoes, with an open water system.

Where to stay in Kallar Kahar?

The recently made Resort by the touristry Development Corporation of geographic area (T.D.C.P.) is to market touristry in Kallar Kahar. As the name suggests, T.D.C.P. Lake read Resort offers spectacular views of the Lake. 

It is also among the only appropriate and comfy places to remain in Kallar Kahar. Whether or not you’re taking a business trip or enjoying one amongst the leisure travels along with your family, T.D.C.P. Lake read Resort offers spacious and comfy accommodations equipped with all necessary facilities. 

The place additionally offers an eating house with a number of the best cuisines on its menu. Moreover, alternative facilities of the T.D.C.P. resort embrace B.B.Q. and water travel facilities, a snack counter, ample automobile car parking zone, a youngsters’ play space, and a place of worship.

There aren’t several places close to Kallar Kahar that one will visit however these places are the visit places if you’re ever close to this space. One will relish these places solely with an enormous cluster of individuals due to contrast to the cities you’ll be able not to visit these alone. Since there’s wildlife, thus going throughout the day could be a good plan. The most effective season to travel here needs to be the summer season. A budget of 10,000 Pakistani Rupees and you wish a backpack, joggers, many giant bottles of water, and attention kit, a few snacks as expected, and a great deal of energy!