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Top 7 Best Food Streets in Pakistan

best food street in Pakistan

The exotic experience of Asian cuisine and the succulent nature of food are one of the few attributes that add flavor to the Pakistani culture. From the mouthwatering Nalli biryani in Karachi to the juicy Chapli Kebabs of Khyber Pass, the food is something that links us all. It gives meaning to our culture and is a rich source of our historical heritage. Therefore, today we are going to look at some of the best food streets in Pakistan. Though the list is too long, here for the purpose of convenience, we are going to list only the  Best Street Foods in Pakistan.

Old Anarkali is Best Food Street:

Situated on the famous Mall Road, Anarkali is still the first place that comes to our mind when we think about Lahore and its food culture. Though presently, there are two Anarkali street foods; the old one and the new one. But the old Anarkali is still famous for having one of the best desi cousins. The Butt Tikka Karahi, Rubri Falooda (Sugar Pudding), Lassi, and its special Kashmiri Tea are famous throughout the country.

Moreover, the traditional breakfast of Old Anarkali in the form of Halwa Puri, Murgh Chanay, and Naan is still more than enough to create lines of customers in the early morning.

In addition, the dining climate is so natural and pleasantly ambient that it makes each penny worth paying and that’s why Old Anarkali is marked as the best food street in Pakistan.

Old Anarkali food point

Gawalmandi is Best Food Street in Lahore:

Gawalmandi has its own history dating back to the pre-partition era. It is one of the street food in Pakistan where we can have diversity and versatility at the same time. Whether you want to eat fish (fried or grilled) or are a fan of Tikka prepared on charcoal, you are going to find it here. The most famous Feeka Lassi shop is also located in Gawalmandi making it one of the most attractive food points.

In addition, the decade-old recipes and the high-quality service this food street offer makes it the best street food in Pakistan. Some of the famous attractions in this food street are Saadiq Murgh Cholay, Amritsari Hareesa, and Yousaf Falooda.

Gawalmandi is Best Food Street in Lahore:

Burns Road Food Street:

If you are looking for an iconic yet old food street in Pakistan that can offer you both desi and western cuisine, then Burns Road is your place. The phrase “Burns Road ka Bun Kebab” is a brand in itself.

In addition, the scenic view, beautiful color lighting at night, and the culinary local culture of age-old restaurants trigger a wave of nostalgia.

Moreover, the presence of free Wi-Fi and the highest quality staff is one of the few positives. Food items like Dahi Baray, Nihari, Kebab, Haleem, and Sajji are the specialties of this money-value street food.

Burns Road Food Street

Namak Mandi Food Street in Peshawar:

This is my personal favorite. It is the meat heaven of Peshawar. It has everything that one can want. Delicious kebabs, charcoal-fumed tikkas, Dera’s Sohbat (also known as Panda), and most importantly the Namkeen meat are the key delicious of this street food in Pakistan.

Moreover, if you pay a visit here, you can see lambs, chickens,s and goats hanging outside the shops. Pukhtoon foods like Dum Pukh and Namkeen Tikka are the specialties of this place. However, on a comparative level, if we compare the prices of the food items here with other food streets; then we can observe a huge difference in the prices as well. As a result, we can it is the cheap street food in Pakistan in terms of price.

In addition, the serving of Peshawari Qehwa at the end of the meal ensures to fully appease our appetite.

Namak Mandi Food Street in Peshawar

Double Road is Best Food Street in Rawalpindi:

Located near the Pindi Cricket Stadium, the Double Road Food Street indubitably is the best food street in Pakistan. With easy access by means of Metro, the affordable prices of the items make it open to all and sundry.

Coming to the food items served here. You can almost have every item available here as compared to other food streets of Pakistan. From the famous Savor Palao to Balochi Sajji, from Butt Karahi to Namkeen tikkas, and from fast food to Thai cuisine as well. In addition, the prices of the items are decent and the staff here is well trained and the hygiene is really good as well. Thus, marking all the items on the list.

Double Road is Best Food Street in Rawalpindi

Do Darya is Best Food Street in Karachi:

If you are a resident of Karachi and had a hectic week; then Do Darya top Food Street in Karachi is a perfect place to spend some quality time. Situated at the bank of the water, it offers astonishing serene views. And as far as food is concerned, you can have anything here. Italian, French, Thai, and traditional Biryani and BBQ are all available in a single place. The sounds of the wave and the calamity of the place have a triggering effect and bring tranquility to your soul.

Moreover, the service and the quality provided makes us accept that it is indeed money-value street food.

Do Darya is Best Food Street in Karachi

Lahore Fort Food Street:

Lahore Fort Food Street is a perfect representation of the city’s cultural heritage. Located near historical monuments, it is one of the most famous historical destinations.

As for the food is concerned, it is a fusion of traditional desi food and western cuisine as well. Most of the restaurants have decorated rooftops with music busting. The food street has been renovated recently adding more and more glamour to it. Moreover, its connection with the Mughal era serves as a source of tourist attraction as well.

Lahore Fort Food Street

Hence, these are the 7 best food streets in Pakistan. Let us tell you which one you like the most.