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Top 10 Places To Visit In Neelum Valley – Pakistan Guide

Places To Visit In Neelum Valley

Pakistan is enriched with snowy mountains, stunning shores, and majestic deserts. These are the places that force you to marvel at the glory of fascinating natural beauty. Azad Kashmiris is one of these places that are packed with spellbinding areas that build its existence onerous to believe. What is the best time to visit Neelum Valley?

Places To Visit In Neelum Valley

Azad Kashmir defies all the claims of ascendancy in terms of natural beauty. No alternative place matches its liveliness, no wonder, it’s known as paradise on God’s inexperienced earth. There are lots of places to visit in neelum valley. If you’re attending to go there, keep reading the article fastidiously therefore you don’t miss any spot in your visit to Kashmir.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Neelum Valley

Neelum valley

A place must be charming to be a tourist attraction. Neelum valley curtain falls during this class. From crystal clear blue waters to lush inexperienced fields, you may notice each exciting read here. This place in Azad Kashmiris is packed with suburbs, little villages, lakes, and tracks. This is often an absolute tourer spot if you’re trying to find everything in one place.

Neelum valley is found within the northmost district of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. As of 2017, the community incorporates a population of 1,91,000 by usurping the larger valley half. The full space of the Neelum district is concerning 3,621 KM2. it’s created from primarily 2 Tehsils. Now, let’s discuss some of the best places to visit in neelum valley.


Athmuqam is a city situated in Neelum District, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It’s conjointly referred to as Athmakam. The place is found seventy-three Kilometers away from Muzaffarabad. Having a population of over 2,000+, it’s the headquarters of the Neelum valley. 

AJK University is found in Athmuqam with laptop, Science, English, and earth science Departments. Athmuqam is totally expedited with hospitals, banks, supermarkets, guest homes, and a post workplace.  Many hotels in Athmuqam, starting from high-end to budget, are you able to snug expertise in Athmuqam.

Dhani waterfall

Dhani waterfall additionally referred to as the Dhani Noseri waterfall, is the best fall in Neelum valley is thirty-eight kilometers (24 mi) from Muzaffarabad District. It is one of the Places to Visit in Neelum Valley, Kashmir. It has clear waters and 15m high fall build it a shocking location attracting thousands of tourists towards its serenity.

Kutton waterfall

Accessible by Neelam road from Muzaffarabad through the Kundal Shahi. The Kutton Jagran or The Kutton valley and its fascinating water stream may be a Nature Lover’s resort. With guest homes and accommodation facilities, Kutton becomes the best selection for a family vacation trip to the North. Kutton may be a relaxation purpose within the higher Neelum with exciting scenery and recent air.

Keran valley

Keran valley is located on the bank of the fascinating higher river Neelum, adjacent to the Karen valley in Kashmir India, this place captivates tourists with scenic views, exciting mountainous visions, and a little bazaar for recreation. A bit like the Neelum valley map provides countless views across the region. Keran is a location to visit the upper parts of Pakistan.

Baboon valley

If you’re someone who needs to relish snowy, inexperienced meadows, snow, and stillness at identical times, then visiting prime bamboo valley ought to be your prime priority within the Neelum valley places to go to. The sorcerous scenery of the place and also the recent breath that this place lets live the tourists, It’s conjointly a route to the areas of this valley are Ratti Gali Lake, Kieran, Jabri Top, Jabri Forest, Doarayan Jungle, etc.

Baboon valley is enclosed within the must-visit places in Kashmir. A three to four hours trek from Keran or 2.5 hours until Jabri Meadows then forty-five minutes hike for a lot to explore within the serene valley. It would be best to check the climate and season before visiting this place.

Upper Neelum

An entryway to see into the whole region of Occupied Kashmir, the upper Neelum valley is an exceptional attraction for tourists from everywhere on the planet. Not solely will it have fascinating flora and fauna, however, it’s conjointly home to the best-tasting fruits.

Ratti Gali Lake

A trip to Neelum valley is incomplete while not a visit to Ratti Gali lake. This is often one of the beautiful places to visit in neelum valley in Kashmir. It had been founded by an Alpine glacier at an of 12,130 ft. blue-black crystal water encircled by lush inexperienced mountains would cause you to fall dotty with this place. If you’re wanting to trek, this place may be a must-visit for you on your next vacation trip.

One of the foremost stunning and referred to as The Queen of The lakes in Pakistan, a star of commercial enterprise in Neelum valley, is an ice lake that’s best-known to possess no reflection of its surroundings and peaceful town vibes. If you intend on a road trip to Dowarian, don’t miss an opportunity to go to the Places to Visit in Neelum Valley.

Sharda valley

With made historic backgrounds and stops for the tourists to locate and have a tea time break, Sharda valley is a tremendous place to sit down, relax the feet once a protracted road trip, and sip on some chai with waters running to a lower place an area in Neelum valley you may not miss visiting.

This is a little village located around 136Km from Muzzafarabad. This is often another huge attraction for tourists in neelum valley as a result of it made historical culture. Lush inexperienced lawns, a gentle stream of the Neelum river, and hotels are the best options in this place. This place really enhances the curiosity of its guests. this is often a tourer break and close-down space for people who wish to explore the Azad Kashmir.

Arang Kel

With a 3-hour trekking route from Kel to Arrang Kel, tourists will relish a position in the Nanga Parbat Mountains. Arang Kel is one of the Places to Visit in Neelum Valley providing accommodation facilities with food and a compartment service for interested mountaineers and hikers. It is a gorgeous village situated at the highest of mountains.


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