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Swat’s Shahi Bagh kalam Pulling Tourists In Droves – Pakistan Guide

Shahi Bagh kalam

Shahi Bagh is found twelve km away from Kalam-Kumrat road close to Gabral city at intervals, a narrower valley within the Swat district of KPK. Moreover, Shahi Bagh kalam is thirty-four km removed from Kalam and sixteen km from Utror. Kumrat valley is at the West, Badger Pass at the South-West, and illustrious Thalo Zom Peak (19,849 feet) of the mountain chain is North of Shahi Bagh

Shahi Bagh is one of the lovely attractions for tourists in Kalam. Shahi Bagh remains a least visited location close to Kalam which can be a secondary holidaymaker for your tour of Swat valley; however, once seeing Shahi Bagh, you may build this site your primary destination on your next tour. If any of you came back while not visiting the superb Shahi Bagh, their visit to Swat is incomplete.

Shahi Bagh kalam

This place is no less than a paradise on earth with calm streams running around it, creating a little island where one will enter through a picket bridge. It’s a peaceful and serene place providing peace and satisfaction- the best tourist spot. The tourists aforesaid the valley was an ideal place for disbursement nights to fancy all its colors and wonder.

Routes for Shahi Bagh kalam

Two main routes are approaching Shahi Bagh. The one is via Kalam-Utror-Gabral road once you reach Kumrat valley from Kalam. An alternative is from the upper Dir side while returning from Kumrat to Kalam. Once you begin your journey from Kalam towards Ushu valley, the Utrar river, associated once three km, will reach a point of two more roads close to the dense forest of Himalayan cedar, deodar cedar, or Himalayan cedar.

This can be referred to as Plain Forest Kalam, a charming tourist spot. At this intersection of roads, the one to the proper is heading to Ushu valley, and therefore the left one is leading to Utrar. Follow Utrar valley road, which is a rugged road. The road is incredibly jarring, and four containers are the most suitable option. However, the road is under construction that will be completed in 2024. Utrar road is made on the Utrar river wherever you may sight the road and watercourse twists at several places which can undoubtedly increase your interest.

In Shahi Bagh, there’s a 300-year-old forest with a particular tree. The inner aspect of Birch Bark was used as a paper to document the necessary manuscripts before the arrival of writing in most cultures. Therefore, this tree is exclusive and rare in Pakistan, and you’ll be able to see the tree in Shahi Bagh. There is no managed accommodation for night keep and relaxation. Therefore, you’ll be able to fancy the spot before the sunset; otherwise, the encampment is the best choice for tourists in Shahi Bagh to remain quiet in the future.

Food and Drinks out there at Shahi Bagh

There are some cabin hotels to serve native food and drinks at a cheap worth. No managed and massive edifice or building for luxurious food and drink. But the following style of foods and beverages at Shahi Bagh Kalam are available:

Top Attractions in Shahi Bagh 

What attracts the tourists from across Pakistan to Shahi Bagh? Below is the list of prime attractions and comforts to fancy the tour of Shahi Bagh.

  • Fresh and clean water river
  • Mini lush green Island 
  • Small and medium-size Waterfalls
  • Boating within the recent stream of water
  • Birch Tree forest is close to the spot
  • Meadows
  • Trout fish 
  • Lush valley’s charming natural scenery/landscape
  • High peak mountains with thick forests of tall towered Himalayan cedar and 
  • Easy access
  • Cold weather
  • Still Organic website
  • Local rare organic food of KPK 
  • Still the most cost-effective and least visited destination.

Other attractions for tourists

There are some superb spots you’ll be able to visit or stop for a short time to create a lot of adventurous journeys in Shahi Bagh Kalam.

  • Plain Forest Kalam is regionally referred to as Jungle point at three km of Kalam. It’s conjointly a charming place for photography.
  • Blue Sangham Park and building at the drive of four km from Kalam Plain forest. This can be conjointly a junction purpose of two little rivers. Now you’ll be able to take some scenic shots on an exquisite bridge. Awing river sound can cause you to be entertained and relaxed here. You’ll be able to enjoy seating close to the bank conjointly—Tuck shop, Tea Bar, and bathroom out there.
  • Beautiful Hanging bridge simply once a pair of klick drive from Sangham Park.
  • Gabral Kalam Hydro Project at the drive of nine km from Kalam plain forest. It’s conjointly a scenic place alternative aspect of the river.
  • Dhamaka Lake is 3.5 km before Utror. It’s a peaceful and calm scenic spot for keep, moving towards Shahi Bagh. Tea Bars and food points are out there.
  • Kandol Lake is an exquisite emerald blue lake encircled by covered mountains. It’s set at four-hour trekking from Utror bank on a rocky, sandy path.
  • Gulshan Valley Park at the river aspect close to Utror city is a charming spot.
  • Various riverside points on the river for scenic views and photography.

Top activities of tourists in Shahi Bagh close to Gabral

  • Camping on Island
  • Swimming in fresh
  • Boating in Gabral river
  • Bar B Que
  • Hunting
  • Angling trout fish
  • Trawling trout fish
  • Biking
  • Trekking / Hiking

Shahi Bagh Kalam valley is a good spot for tourists. The valley offers multiple pleasures. Shahi Bagh is open for tourists. The valley is snow-topped from Sept to June. The unhealthy roads could cause obstacles in reaching the mesmeric location; however, the sight of the place can certainly capture your heart, and you may shortly forget Janus’s obstacles in getting there. A number of the most effective hotels close to Shahi Bagh embody the Daryal building. The attractive meadows and atmosphere can mesmerize you; therefore, don’t forget to go to Shahi Bagh on your visit to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Shahi Bagh Kalam is an attractive landscape for tourists. The incredible natural thing about Shahi Bagh is divine and can’t be expressed in words. Shahi Bagh is different from other spots out there in Pakistan. The stunning natural thing about the landscape is exclusive.