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Why Should You Visit Islamabad?

Visit Islamabad

These adjectives describe the essential makeup of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, calm, quiet, greenery, and peaceful. The moderately inhabited town offers a tranquil choice for those who like better to explore at a leisurely pace while not the requirement a schedule consistent with traffic. Scan on to search out, why a visit to Islamabad Pakistan is incomplete? while not a stint in visit Islamabad. It’s the safest of Pakistan’s major cities.

It’s home to the sovereign Faisal ibn Abdel Aziz al-Saud house of worship. The sovereign Faisal ibn Abdel Aziz al-Saud house of worship holds a special place within Pakistan’s Muslim community because of its ties with Saudi Arabia. It will accommodate over 10,000 worshipers in its main hall and yard. Islamabad is known for the presence of several parks and forests, including the Margalla Hills National Park and the Shakarparian. Why Should You Visit Islamabad?

Besides its spiritual significance, the house of worship is noted for its design, which could depart from ancient domes and arches. The building mimics a desert tent and is set between four pencil-like minarets. A guided tour of Islamabad is typically a vital part of the itinerary of tourists visiting Islamabad. There are several reasons to visit IslamabadIslamabad mainly focuses on the culture of Pakistan, it holds it in great esteem.

It’s the safest of Pakistan’s cities.

As it is the seat of state in Pakistan, the town, by default, could be a focus of fantastic security and law and order facilities. The capital’s physical size (around 906 sq km) makes it easier to observe and regulate safety for voters and tourists alike. There’s hardly a need to moot before venturing out for a time of day stroll or driving on even the quietest roads.

There are museums 

For history and nature buffs, the town is home to various museums. For those seeking a pictorial history of Islamabad, the photograph repository at Saidpur Village chronicles the city through the ages. The Lok Virsa repository depicts the culture of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The Golra Sharif Heritage repository tells the story of the country’s railways; the Pakistan explanation repository offers insight into the native flora and fauna, and the Pakistan Monument repository homes wax figures that narrate the Pakistan Movement.

The hiking trails

A well-constructed road winds around the Margalla Hills in Islamabad, resulting in scenic places like Daman-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa. However, many audacious will scale any of the hills’ hiking trails to go to the spots on foot. Paths one and a couple take two hours to succeed to the summit; path three is for those who would like to undertake a strenuous hike. Trail five is the best, albeit the longest, and path vi is the last discovered path to the summit.


Shopping is one of the best reasons to visit Islamabad whether you’re trying to splurge on luxurious native and foreign brands or are in search of cultural artifacts and handicrafts to require back home, you’ll be able to realize it is dead in Islamabad. Besides the Centaur Mall and Safa Gold Mall, you’ll be able to learn one thing about your feeling Within the varied markets throughout town. The F-6 Markaz and the picturesque Saidpur Village are significantly common for quality souvenirs.

It’s well-planned and structured.

Islamabad was created within the Sixties consistent with a grid arrangement. The city’s sectors are unionized consistently, with every industry possessing its own Markaz, or business center, set well except for the residential areas. One doesn’t have to be compelled to Google Maps or alternative navigation systems to search out their approach because of the well-placed signboards at nearly each traffic intersection and the general organized arrangement of all sectors.

Eating out

Islamabad offers most of the foremost cuisines in demand within the region. Continental, Chinese, American, English, Italian, and Pakistani food are wide out there. From high-end restaurants to little food stalls, the city has one thing for everybody and won’t let guests go hungry for lack of selection.

Each eating house deserves a special mention because of its intensive menu and ideal location. A 30-minute drive from central Islamabad to Pir Sohawa within the Margalla Hills ends up in Monal, where one will relish gorgeous views of town while having a satisfying meal.

The gardens and parks

The city visit Islamabad – already interspersed with inexperienced belts and plentiful trees – is dotted with various parks and gardens hospitable to the general public. Among many famed ones, the Islamist statesman Park covers an entire sector, whereas Shakarparian Park is wherever most of the ceremonial tree plantations occur. The comparatively new Lakeview Park offers a satisfying read of the Rawal Lake and could be a favorite picnic spot in Visit Islamabad. For those curious about flower gardens, the Rose and shrub Garden not solely boasts over 250 completely different sorts of roses and shrubs; however, additionally hosts annual flower shows.

It’s a base for near destinations.

Visitors aiming to jaunt the notable areas of northern Pakistan nearly always create a stopover in Islamabad to interrupt their journey. Besides being the entry to the luxurious north, the town is about to historical sites like Taxila, home to various erstwhile civilizations and believed to own one all the earliest universities in the world. The Gurdwara Panja European, a sacred website for Sikhs, is found in Hasan Abdal, 40km from Islamabad.

Not all cities in Pakistan have the fortune of witnessing the transition of seasons, with summer and winter dominating most of the country the entire year spherical. On the opposite hand, Islamabad is host to blazing summers, balmy springs, parky autumns, and chilly winters, together with a month or 2 of monsoon rains. Tourists typically arrange their visit to town within the milder seasons making it the best place to visit Islamabad.

Clean air

If for nothing else, jaunt Islamabad for the gas. It’s clean, and also, the lungs won’t fight for survival. Being close to nature will have its blessings, and Islamabad takes full advantage. Throughout the time in Islamabad, one is often optimistic that pollution won’t be among the complaints. Respiration becomes more accessible, and also the body gets rejuvenated once you’re at the foothills of the marvelous Margalla. These are some of the significant reasons to visit Islamabad.