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Top Beautiful Places to visit in Nagar valley – Pakistan Guide

Places to visit in Nagar valley

Nagar is the most stunning valley of Gilgit Baltistan. it is a gift close to Hunza valley. These Nagar and Hunza are each the most stunning valleys of Gilgit Baltistan. There are several stunning places in Nagar and ice mass in Nagar from that some are largest in Asian nation and a few are terribly far-famed all told over the globe. There are several natural stunning Places to visit in Nagar valley. wherever many folks go per annum to fancy the weather, space, and appearance.

Unknown to several Nagar valley lies right across Hunza valley and feels like a terrace farming village. However, the Nagar valley map has several wonderful traveler spots that you simply should explore. It is one of the Districts of Gilgit Baltistan and its Capital is Nagar Khas.

Not solely is it a massive valley, additionally has a few of the highest peaks with the foremost far-famed Rakaposhi, Diran, Mulabiting, Mair Peaks, and plenty of others. The most far-famed ice mass of Nagar is the Hisper ice mass, which is one of the longest glaciers and makes the longest glacial system outside the polar region. 

Apart from these wonderful peaks and glaciers, Nagar valley is price seeing for its stunning lush inexperienced valleys, its cities and villages, and hidden glacial lakes. Nagar is renowned among adventurers and avid trekkers. Nagar offers wonderful sights of the chain of mountains and valleys. Here are a few of the popular locations in Nagar. Below I listed a few best places to visit in Nagar valley traveler points of Nagar. invariably choose between the subsequent areas to travel. Once you wish to go to the Nagar valley, you must visit the following attractions.


Chalt is a little village in Nagar Valley Pakistan. Most of the people of chalt are farmers. They are doing farming. Most of the people of chalt are uneducated. However, in 2020 most youth of Nagar has an interest in education. Don’t worry regarding your language as a result of they understand the national language and international language additionally.  

Now the purpose is that what’s the interesting issue in “Chalt, there may be a valley named Guppa valley. The fascinating purpose regarding this can be that it’s among the foremost beautiful full valley of Nagar. The natural fantastic thing about this valley attracts people to it. Once you go there you’ll always remember it once more.


Sikandarabad is a valley of Nagar. It’s additionally among the sweetness full valley of Nagar. There are several lands of grasses in Sikandarabad. If you’ll go there you’ll recall it is the largest park on the globe. As a result the space of this valley of packed with natural beauty with differing kinds of flowers and plenty of gardens. There are several beautiful full lakes and additional gifts in this valley. Thus, attempt to select a valley like this wherever you realize can become contemporary by seeing the world like Paradise.


The most vital valley of Nagar that’s gulmit. The peoples of gulmit and their simplicity makes the jobs straightforward. There is a terribly straightforward space in gulmit however most people are involved in this area. As a result of Rakaposhi. per thousand of tourists from out of nation involves this place for Rakaposhi. It’s the real purpose of Rakaposhi Second there is additionally ice mass in gulmit.


Pisan is additionally the traveler’s point and one of the best places to visit in Nagar valley. As a result, there are two vital things to examine. One among them is the Diran peak that is during this village most people come back to climb and a few people additionally come back to examine an issue that’s ice mass. Affirmative there is additionally an ice mass in Nissan.


The most stunning place. It’s packed with flowers and beauty. The complete land looks inexperienced and flower diversion within the inexperienced land once an air begins to flow. And people who come back to the present place, capture photos of every alternative during this stunning place.

SAS valley

SAS valley is a massive valley and there are two villages within SAS valley. Several people additionally visit the present place thanks to high peak. Affirmative there are several high peaks in this area. It’s additionally understood because of the land of minerals in Nagar. There is additionally a land understood as chumarbakor that is found from 1800 higher than the water level In Nagar.

Nagar Khas

This is understood because of the royal land of Nagar. throughout the dominion time, the royal house lived in this valley (Nagar Khas). If you go there you’ll realize fort. Additionally, see you once you go there. The fort is a 900-year-old fort it’s additionally an archeologic website. Secondly, there are also holden peaks in Nagar Khas. You will additionally realize the view of ladyfinger from here.


Hoper is a stunning and gorgeous land. There are several ice glaciers is in mortal referred to as mortal glaciers. There is another ice mass in mortal that is termed bare ice mass. You’ll feel its far-famed ice mass in our country. Along with this, there is the largest alpine lake- referred to as a rush lake.

One of the highest Alpine lakes is in Nagar and may be reached by trekking over the mortal ice mass in the mortal valley, Nagar. it’s a three to four-day trek to Rush Lake. The Lake offers a wonderful spectacle of the encircling mountains with Spantik, Laila Peak, Phuparash Peak, Miar Peak, Malubating Peak system, Ultar Sar, and Khunyang Chhish. Rush Pari peak find in conjunction with the lake is five,098 m, and its summit is simple to access. From Rush Pari Peak the Hispar and Dapsang may be seen on a transparent day. 

Sooner once you permit Hunza valley and cross the bridge once Ganesh village, a road turning right takes you to Hooper. Before Hooper is Nagar Khas- that was once the center of Nagar. The world is endued with fruit trees comprising cherries, apples, and apricots.


Hisper is the most vital valley type new visitors either they are from Pakistan or from the other region. As a result, if you wish to examine the globe’s second-longest ice mass, you’ve got to return here. The affirmative world’s second-longest ice mass is here, bai fo ice mass is 121 kilometers long.