Pakistan is a large country situated in South-Central Asia and a locality of the more significant Near East Region. It has a lineation on the sea, and its neighbors are Asian country to the west and northwest, the Republic of India to the east, and China to the northeast.

It’s rustic wherever you’ll notice all types of earth science structures. It has one thing for all types of tourists: the ocean, desert areas (Sindh & Punjab), mountains with vegetation (North West Province), mountains (Balochistan), icy and snowy mountains, rivers, waterfalls, forests, etc.

How Safe Is Pakistan To Visit

What attracts most tourists is the undeniable fact- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan contain the mountain ranges of the chain of mountains and the Karakoram Range. All the mountain ranges are world-known. A special treat for travellers is seeing Pakistan’s highest purpose, K2, at 8,611m – the second-highest peak within the world.

How Safe Is Pakistan To Visit?

The biggest issue for foreigners in Pakistan, once it involves safety, is that this country has suffered from many bomb attacks throughout the last few years. Now everyone wants to know that current situation that how safe is Pakistan for travelling? Before travelling to Pakistan, check things within the state and your embassy, and consult them concerning the impermissible and dangerous areas.

You should additionally avoid the Federally Administered social group Areas and every one region close to the sensitive Afghan border. Pakistan’s government has virtually no authority there, and they can’t assist you if you finish up in an associate emergency.

Safety tips for travel in Pakistan

The most crucial issue you’ll do whereas travelling in Pakistanis trusts your instincts. Suppose one thing feels unhealthy or suspicious, back off. Besides all, Pakistan is a safe and sound country. Instincts keep company with time, and you’ll figure things out. In the meantime, here are some alternative safety basics for folks visiting Pakistan.

How Safe Is Pakistan To Visit

Always have a neighborhood SIM card and a local’s sign. It’d sound strange currently, but people can typically provide their sign to you for help. Save some! They help translate in powerful spots. Local sims are providing adequate mobile coverage in Pakistan.
Reach resolute locals and knowledgeable about foreigners for info.

Facebook teams like packing Pakistan, See You in Pakistan(local and foreign), and feminine travellers (local and foreign ladies only) re treasure troves of data and contacts. Have faith in folks. The above guide may be discouraging; however, having religion in folks you meet is very important to enjoy within the finish.

Most Pakistanis are so hospitable to foreign guests and do their best to create positive visits goes swimmingly. Constant suspicion is tiring; trust folks that appear brilliant. If someone’s inviting you to their house, it’s in all probability that they need to introduce you to their family.


Lahore is one of the safest cities in Pakistan to travel. Alternative components of the region are safe for travel too. However, the rural geographical area doesn’t see several foreign tourists. However, thus you would possibly be daunted by the associate protective watchman and its potential some hotels won’t enable you to remain.
There are a lot of cities in a geographical area wherever foreigners can’t move around freely. Bahawalpur and Multan are prime examples. If the police notice you wandering around these cities, they’ll place you on the next bus back to wherever you’ll from.

This is often not a result of these cities being dangerous, however, owing to these cities’ army and intelligence operations. They don’t need snooping foreigners. If you wish to go to these cities, notice who are ware of concerning things.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)

Many people assume KPK continues to be a hotbed of coercion, which foreigners aren’t exceptionally allowed to travel here. Though this was true within the past, foreigners will currently travel freely through most of the KPK province. However, KPK offers way more than this beautiful town. Most of the places in KPK, like Swat, Chitral, and the Kalash, are safe to trip to.

Guests ought to apprehend KPK continues to be conservative. Foreigners ought to the lookout to not offend native customs once travelling here. Some places in KPK aren’t safe for foreigners. However, worry not. You won’t be allowed to remain here anyway.

What about water in Pakistan?

Tap water isn’t safe to absorb most components of Pakistan, particularly within the major cities. Most Pakistanis drink filtered or drinking water. In the mountains, water is usually acceptable to drink. Folks can provide you with cloudy ice mass water, insistence it’s healthy and filled with minerals. Drinking ice mass water while not filtering is not safe to drink.

The ice mass water has been coupled to excretory organ issues in native populations. However, some folks get or pipe their water directly from mountain springs. Springwater is clean and safe to drink. The risky half is you don’t know knowledge brilliant their piping system is. Whether or not or not you are taking the danger is up to you. However, sometimes settle for spring water.

Is it safe to travel trekking in Pakistan?

Yes, it’s usually safe to trek in Pakistan. Pakistan is heaven for mountain lovers. Hardcore mountaineers and casual trekkers alike flock to its mountain ranges each year. However, trekking in Pakistan isn’t like trekking in additional developed countries.

Trails aren’t well marked, and maps aren’t without delay obtainable. You won’t notice the eating house to eating house quite trekking you see in countries like Pakistan. It’s highly suggested to rent native guides if doing any overnight/long treks in the Asian nation.

They apprehend the mountains higher than anyone else and can stop you from obtaining lost or ending up somewhere dangerous. If you don’t need to rent a neighborhood guide, basing yourself in a very village and doing day treks from there. Some ideal bases for day treks are Kalam in Swat vale, Gulmit or Karimabad in Hunza, and Skardu within the east.


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