Women in Pakistan face a lot of challenges after they need to go on their own. Whether or not it’s for employment or education, moving to a different city is sort of common within the current era. Lahore is one of the notable and developed cities of Pakistan and folks quickly move here to avail quality facilities vip Girls Hostels in Lahore. The city has some high customary and purported universities and plenty of oldsters send their kids for higher studies. 

Girls Hostels in Lahore

Women moving to other cities face several struggles and finding trustworthy and secure girls hostels in Lahore with all the required amenities, is one of them. During this article, we’ve got coated a number of the notable and well-talked-about the best girls hostels in Lahore to create it easier for your choice in your required space. 

List of Girls Hostels in Lahore

Enlisted below are comprehensive details concerning safe Girls Hostels in Lahore. We’ve got tried to ease out your search struggle by providing their rent and speaking to details. 

Safe stay girls Hostel Lahore

Safe stay girls Hostel is found close to the University of Punjab and is, therefore, a perfect hostel for the female students of the institute. You can get 2, 3, and 4-bed sharing rooms. They’re cool and totally secured. The utility bills and WLAN are roofed within the monthly rent. This hostel additionally incorporates a separate room, ironing place, connected lavatory, and UPS backup. The notable food chains and malls are simply accessible. 

Location: Airline Society, Lahore.

Iqra ladies Hostel Lahore

Iqra ladies Hostel is found beside the University of Management and Technology Lahore. it’s a 1 Kanal building having ethereal and wide rooms with connected baths. It is also categorized as vip girls hostel in Lahore. You will find most accessories and amenities needed within the daily routine. These include room facility, ironing, white goods, Wifi, water dispenser, etc. 

Location: section one king Gardens, Lahore.

Ideal ladies hostel Lahore 

Ideal ladies Hostel is an Associate in a Nursing adults-only hostel situated in Allama Iqbal Town. The hostel provides friendly and skilled surroundings to all or any hostilities. The outstanding options of this hostel embrace a smokeless living space, and access to WLAN, well-furnished. The hostel is safe, and secure with cameras and guards on duty. There are single bedrooms, double bedrooms, and shared rooms. This hostel is on the point of the major attraction in Lahore.

Location: Cashmere Block, Allama Iqbal city, Lahore.

Lahore girls Hostel 

Lahore girls Hostel may be a trendy designed hostel, housing trendy facilities besides guaranteeing secure and secure surroundings for all ladies. The management strives to keep up the standard standards at their utmost. The hostel has double and triple sharing rooms with connected baths. The facilities embrace 2 meals, twenty-four hours of electricity and security, and a standard space with a TV. It is also known as one of the luxury hostels in Lahore for girls.

Location: Revenue Society, Lahore.

Ayesha girls Hostel Lahore

Ayesha girls Hostel justly is a second home for people who are away from home. The hostel offers progressive accommodation facilities for feminine students yet professionals. The placemarks the comfy living customary and provides hygienical and safe surroundings at a reasonable value. 

Location: Al Hamra city, Lahore.

Zainab Palace Girls Hostel Lahore

Zainab Palace girls Hostel offers accommodation facilities for females at reasonable rent. The place observes neat, clean, and peaceful surroundings for everybody by providing all the required amenities. The rent covers the web, utility bills, and security by guards. The hostel is on the point of a searching hub wherever females will do all their searching. 

Location: Anarkali Bazaar, Lahore.

Ghausia Girls Hostel Lahore

Ghausia Girls Hostel is found in shut proximity to the University of Management and Technology and also the University of Education. They provide ideal rooms for college kids yet as jobholders. The rooms are well-furnished to create superb living conditions for the hostilities. Besides that, they need a WLAN, air-conditioning facility, UPS backup, a room with accessories, and every one alternative basic requirement. 

Location: School Road, Lahore.

Al Banat group of girls Hostels Lahore

Al Banat Girls Hostel in Lahore is providing safe and secure accommodation. The close universities, malls, and eateries are simply accessible from this hostel. University of Management and Technology is true before this hostel. Moreover, the school and students of Minhaj University additionally use this hostel for a snug living. the foremost valuable factor, the safety measures are up to the mark. If you are in Lahore, you can also search for the best girls hostel near me

Location: Johar Town, Lahore.

Qureshi Girls Hostel Lahore

Qureshi Girls Hostel is found close to Ferozpur Road Lahore. This well-designed hostel homes twenty-five luxury rooms appropriate for college kids yet professionals. The rooms are outfitted and deliver a clean atmosphere to the hostilities. Every space is shared by two people. There’s also a choice of two meals every day. This hostel additionally incorporates a meeting space for college kids to attend conferences or offer shows in very peaceful surroundings. 

Location: Fazlia Colony, Lahore.

Paradise Girls Hostel Lahore

Paradise girls Hostel is another secure lady’s hostel in Lahore. The hostel covers a one Kanal space and is provided with all the requirements for hostilities together with the mess, security, UPS, internet, and others. They provide one-bed and two-bed sharing occupancy for college kids and skilled girls. A choose and drop facility is additionally accessible for the comfort of residents. 

Location: Bahria Town, Lahore.

Fatima girls Hostel Lahore

Fatima girls Hostel in Lahore is another notable and quality-maintained hostel. It’s situated near notable and purported universities in Lahore creating it appropriate for university students and skilled females. The hostel is well furnished with up-to-the-mark requirements. Quality food, high security, and twenty-four hours of electricity are some of the outstanding options. 

Location: Muslim Town, Lahore.

Al Nisa girls Hostel Lahore

Al Nisa Girls Hostels in Lahore is one of the most trustworthy hostels for females. The hostel provides hygienical, protected, and extremely contributive surroundings. It’s a well-furnished hostel glorious for women coming back from alternative cities for either job or education. The hostel has basic amenities like twenty-four hours of electricity, UPS, a clean drink, and an upper side. Moreover, two meals from mess square measure optional. 

Location: Ali town, Lahore.


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