Peshawar is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a gorgeous city with the made history that carries traits of the Mughal Era from the seventeenth century and even. This ancient city saw the likes of Alexander and Babur, the pathway for excessiveness in nice civilizations like the Greeks, Aryans, Mughals, Persians, and the Mongols. You’ll be able to Places to visit in Peshawar know about numerous buildings, historical streets, and bazaars that have changed a touch within the past hundred years. What is famous about Peshawar?

Places to visit in Peshawar

Walking around these streets and bazaars may be a treat to the eyes of those with a passion for history. However, do not fret if history is not your factor, as the city can cause you to fall crazy. Here are some of the best places to visit in PeshawarWhich city is beautiful in KPK?

Sethi House

The Sethi home is set in a neighborhood of twelve famed Havelis in Peshawar’s old city, all of that were inbuilt in the nineteenth century. The frequently-visited Sethi Haveli was inbuilt in 1884 and was closely held by the Sethi family–wealthy traders who had businesses throughout South and Central Asia. 

The Haveli showcased a Central Asian style. I was impressed by the design seen in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Glass windows, complex wood carvings, and an elaborate underground basement space will all be beloved by guests. 

Remarkably, the Sethi House stands in impeccable condition. A visit can return complete with a guide, guaranteeing you’ll learn everything to understand regarding this famed Peshawari traveler attraction and the best place to visit in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Peshawar Museum 

If you tell somebody you’re visiting the capital of KPK, they’ll undoubtedly tell you to go to the museum. As a result, this famed place city is epic- wait and see! The museum, built-in 1907, is understood for its fantastic assortment of ancient Buddhist Gandhara designs. And it was popularly referred to as “Victoria Memorial Hall. Buddhist sculptures, figurines, and alternative objects are on show, and surprisingly, the deposit is taken into account to own one of the world’s most extensive collections of Buddhist objects. In precedent days, Buddhism thrived in KPK, and this historical place showcases simply that. 

Its two-story building options associate consolidation of South Mughal Islamic Asian, British, Buddhist, Hindu, and types of architecture. The gathering of Gandharan art is the highlight of this deposit. You’ll be able to undergo 14,000 things from numerous civilizations. There are coins, sculptures, weapons, crafts, home items, art, and much more. 

Mohabbat Khan Mosque

The Mohabbat Khan Mosque was inbuilt late Mughal Era by monarchs Jehan and Aurangzeb. And it was the governor of that point – Mohabbat Khan – was designed this pilgrim’s journey. This house of worship may be a lovely and fine specimen of Mughal design. And it’ll leave you awe-inspired. You’ll be able to fancy the Brobdingnagian and open curtilage read from the roof of the house of worship. Muhabbat Khan mosque is one of the fantastic places to visit in Peshawar.

The Mughal governor of the city designed the famed house of prayer, and its exterior boasts a facade of white marble. The inside is spectacular because it consists of uncountable multi-colored frescoes and a good kind of floral motifs. The best view of Mahabat Khan is from on top, a sight which will be seen upon running into the correct caretaker. Though you aren’t quite able to reach the bird’s eye read, it’s no secret that disbursal your time during this Mughal masterpiece is one of the most beautiful things to do in Peshawar

Bala Hissar Fort

One of the loveliest places to go when you enter the city is Bala Hissar Fort. Whether or not you’re returning from Khyber or the urban center, the primary factor that steals your attention is the mighty Bala Hissar Fort. Once you pass beneath the shadow of these mammoth battlements and ramparts, you cannot fail to be affected.

Chowk Yadgar

This place is known to be one of the foremost famed locations in the city; Chowk Yadgar is found within the heart of the recent city. The monument was initially erected in 1892 in the Memoriam of General Hastings. However, it was later dedicated to the 1930 Qissa Khwani Bazaarmassacree victims. 

In the years since this city landmark has become a well-liked spot for spiritual and political gatherings; however, it’s merely an area to hold out on most days. Chowk Yadgar is enclosed by numerous alleyways on all sides, creating it a short stop while exploring Peshawar’s recent city. Various old-school Havelis dot the world, and many in that area unit mere steps away from Chowk Yadgar, making it one of the most beautiful places to see in Peshawar.

Due to the engorged nature of the world, driving your vehicle isn’t entirely recommended- grabbing a cab or ricksha into the world is the best, thanks to seeing this famed place of this city.


The mountain pass Gate may be a famed monument that stands at the doorway to the outstanding mountain pass. The mountain pass was integral to the recent trade route and connected Pakistan with Afghanistan. It is another best thing to see in Peshawar.

The monument is found within fifteen km of the city; however, it’s well worth the trip. You’ll find it one of the most effective things to try and do in the city, even if it’s not technically within the ancient city. 

The Jharkhand Bazaar- illustrious for its wide selection of black goods- is regarding the Bab-e-Khyber, creating a motivating place to prevent your thanks to or from the monument. 

Shahi Bagh

This Mughal-Era park– referred to as the Royal Park– totals over a hundred acres and remains an important place for political and social gatherings within the city. These gardens are the most effective places to visit in Peshawar to travel if you want to relax, absorb a touch of history, or both. 

The gardens contain a large fountain likewise because of the Quaid-e-Azam Memorial. The Arbab Niaz Cricket construction partly encroaches on the historical parks that stay irresistibly popular Peshawari students when categories.