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Mini Marg A fascinating valley

Mini Marg A fascinating valley

Mini Marg a fascinating valley location in astoor district of Gilgit-Baltistan province is attractive for tourists due to several features. This area is situated in the Himalayan mountain range, on the other side of Nanga Parbat, the second highest mountain in Pakistan. Astoor is connected by Azad Kashmir on one side, Skardu on the other side by Deosai and on the other side is the long and wide area of Gilgit. Astoor is situated in the form of a wide valley at the foothills of the Dry Brown Mountains. If you go to its heights, there are dense forests, lakes, snow-capped peaks and frozen water streams. One of these green and eye-pleasing valleys is called Mini Murg.

Mini Marg Geography

Mini Marg is a restricted area as it lies along the Line of Control and can be visited only with proper permission. Apart from this, camping etc. is not allowed in Mini Marg and other prohibited areas due to safety requirements. FCNA HQ in Gilgit may be contacted for final information and permission.
One route from Chalam leads to Deosai and Skardu while the other route leads to Mini Murg. After the identification process etc. at Chalam checkpoint, the path of mini death can be taken. Due to its high altitude, Barzal is covered with snow for most of the year. After the snow melts, the greenery and greenery of the slopes on both sides of the pass and in the far distance come to their full bloom. After crossing the pass, there is a continuous descent and due to the paved road, the jeep travels at a very fast pace.

The houses of Mini Murg village and all the surrounding communities look unique because they are built entirely of wood. These houses are surrounded by fields and high hills around the village. Some of these hills are dry, some are green and some are full of trees. The flat fields in the distance and the green slopes on the left side are the main reasons behind the beauty of Mini Murg. Beneath these slopes is a fast-flowing river with blue water flowing through it. Mini Murg has a traditional style hotel for food and drink where a wooden throne is laid out for guests to rest and eat. There are shops on the left and right sides of the hotel.

From Mini Murg one can also go to other beautiful surrounding areas like Dumel, Chhota Deosai and Gultri etc. Particularly notable in these areas is Dumail. Rather, the fact is that Dumail has the reputation of Mini-Murg. Dumail is eleven kilometers away from Mini Murg. The real beauty of this area is the domel forests, village houses, green fields and rainbow lake.

Rainbow Lake can be said to be the most important and beautiful place of Dumile. This lake is artificially created. Thanks to the choice of location and superior management, this lake has actually given Dumail four moons. The transparent greenish water, the mesmerizing waterfall in the lake and the beautiful wooden seat floating in the water make this lake amazingly beautiful. The banks adorned with colorful flowers and green grass and rows of trees on the mountain slopes! This lake is the most beautiful combination of natural and man-made wonders.

As the entire area from Mini Murg to Dumail and the surrounding area is lush and green, flocks of sheep and goats are seen grazing in these green areas. These animals make the scene even more interesting as they graze and roam among the natural scenery.

Mani Marg

Most of the Dumel area is very attractive as it consists of a dense forest. The villages of wooden houses in the middle of these forests look completely different from the villages of any other region of Pakistan. The slanted roofs of these high-rise houses, built close together, look like a picture of a fantasy world from a distance. A village surrounded by green fields and beautiful hills where there is only peace and simplicity. For an enviable life away from pollution and luxury, these villages of Dumail can be the best aspiration.

Restricted area Mini Marg

Due to being a restricted area and close to the Line of Control, there is no tourist traffic here. Despite the security arrangements and geographical sensitivity, if this area can be offered for tourism, it will be the most important addition to the beautiful tourism heritage of Pakistan. Any such step for the promotion of positive activities among the Pakistani youth and the development of the tourism industry will certainly be appreciated.

After seeing Pakistan’s high mountains, fertile plains, beautiful waterfalls and waterfalls, crashing waves of the sea and beautiful deserts, I am forced to say that Pakistan is a beautiful country, perhaps no one has a proper idea of it yet.