Pakistan has gained an enormous holidaymaker attraction round the globe from previous years. Northern areas have gained heaps of meriting promotion. The attraction doesn’t stay a global level, however is equally a similar beneath Asian country too Coldest Cities Of Pakistan.

Pakistan faces extreme humidness and warmth per annum, and it’s obtaining higher. Meanwhile, winter simply lasts for two to four months. This spherical figure happens particularly in massive cities of Asian country.

Coldest Cities Of Pakistan

So, the folks from a lot of cities crave to expertise winter and that they conceive to visit northern areas. The temperature principally remains colder in northern areas of Asian country then directly drops very down within the time of winter.

The people of northern areas welcome each traveler warmly, amorously and generosity. it’s safe to mention that if you’ve got a bent for journey and dearly wish to explore the country, then the coldest place on earth is must-visit for you. Are you looking to know which is the Coldest Cities Of Pakistan? Here we are going to describe number of the coldest places on earth situated in Asian country to go to this winter.

Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan is one of the magical and Coldest cities of Pakistan and the region is administered by Pakistan as territory and consisted on the northern aspect of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Once this question pops up that that is that the Coldest citie of Pakistan. it will sure enough be the ice mass components of Gilgit Baltistan. it’s additionally called the coldest place in Asian country and therefore the coldest place in Asian country in summer.

The temperature of this space usually remains below -20. As there are a lot of glaciers and mountain ranges, like the chain of mountains, Hindu Kush, as well as K2.

Those who have visited Gilgit Baltistan savvy cold that region is, particularly in winters. it’s the facility to freeze your bones, and it’s higher to be well-occupied to stay yourself heat.


The second Coldest citie of Pakistan Skardu, situated in Gilgit Baltistan region. Skardu is known due to extreme cold there, its temperature usually remains -20. However, as presently as winter came it decrease virtually -10. The temperature’s extreme up and downs happen due to the mountain range in there. It is additionally is a very important region because of its proximity to the chain of mountains range.

It has a charm to draw in many climbers per annum to hike in mountains and lots of travelers return to go to this wild, serene, and choked with nature place.

In time of year, you’ll additionally expertise the foremost lovely sights there. However, winter is very harsh and troublesome up-to-date in Skardu. It additionally provides the trail to the best peaks of Asian country.


Astore, an exquisite place to go to after you commit to visit northern areas. It’s a less heralded space as folks don’t go there because of less info concerning this space.

Astor is another coldest place in Pakistan in geographic region too, in the main faces moderate weather in summer. However, once the time of winter came, the complete space gets lined in snow, thick snow, recorded up to 2-3 fee.

As many of us don’t have a lot of information concerning this place, you’ll be the primary to go to it. Explore the important and peaceful space. Make sure that you simply rigorously select it, as a result of it’s the foremost one of the coldest places in Pakistan.


Kalat is a historical city as well as the Coldest citie of Pakistan found in Kalat district- Balochistan, Pakistan. Along with this, it is also called Kalat-e-Brahui and Kalat-e-Sewa.

Kalat incorporates a cold deserted climate in Pakistan keeping this space cold everywhere the year and there happens no downfall throughout the year. The temperature of Kalat remains 14 on the average.

Kalat is additionally referred to as Qalat and is located within the heart of Balochistan. Sadly, it’s not therefore common within the coldest place in country and is deceased by holidaymaker attractions.


A tiny city other than the Khurram district referred to as Parachinar, situated within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Parachinar is as lovely as its name. It sounds sweet to the tongue however is that the Coldest cities of Pakistan, because of its proximity to the colder region of national capital.

The weather of Parachinar remains pleasant and traditional throughout the summers. However, as presently as winter came, the temperature drops to -10 and therefore the place become colder and harsher day by day.

The precipitation remains unceasingly there and therefore the whole space gets lined in snow and frosts happens on most mornings.

Malam Jabba

One of the foremost visited holidaymaker attractions is Malam Jabba. A hill station and a holiday resort are famous for his or her splendid trekking areas and picturesque mountain views. situated close to the range in Swat natural depression.

The temperature remains thirty-one round the summer and drops to directly eleven in winter. each holidaymaker will visit this place consistent with their season preferences.


Hunza is one amongst the foremost serene, magical, wild. It sheer fantastic thing about Pakistan situated within the Gilgit Baltistan region and snuggled within the grand chain as well as Karakoram’s range.

Its splendid forts and specially Khujerab Pass- attract folks to return and keep there. The temperature remains low around Khunjrab pass and happens to be the Coldest cities of Pakistan even in summer.

But this heavenly place has such a big number of additional things to supply, too. It welcomes each creature wholeheartedly and shows its magic in each passing minute, that left folks in awe.

Hunza is additionally entitled Heaven on earth. There may be a hundred correct consistent with its beauty and setting. And additionally, a mountain natural depression of Gilgit Baltistan. Due to the mountain ranges, its temperature gets cold around a year Coldest cities of Pakistan.

It is aforesaid that ‘A person can’t stay same once travel’. currently you’d marvel why it’s said? Then you only need to travel round the globe and realize the solution for yourself.